Crawler Trailer Bulldozes the Web

Crawler trailer is here!A rampaging 50-ton killer bulldozer that sprouts tentacles, shoots lightning, and zombify people; and that’s in addition to all the other horrible things a rampaging 50-ton killer bulldozer can do. The first trailer for Crawler has hit the web and I guarantee you this bulldozer will not leave you dozing.

I’ve been following the progress on SV Bell’s Killdozer-esque horror flick Crawler, having last reported on it “>back in October, and keeping my fingers crossed because the concept sounds really out there. Again, a possessed bulldozer terrorizing a construction site is nothing new, but a possessed bulldozer than can do the stuff you’ll see it do in the trailer most certainly is.

The trailer just went live on the official Crawler website. Run, don’t crawl your way over there to see it!

The Foywonder

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  • Jim_McD

    Killer bulldozer? Hell yeah! This movie, some friends and some beers and gonna make for a great movie night.

    Though last week someone broke my friggin TV remote. *grumbles*

    • Gus Bjork

      You know, if your TV remote could sprout tentacles and razor sharp teeth to mangle anyone who dare defile it into a gloppy red mush stuff like this wouldn’t happen.

      • Jim_McD


        *thoughtfully strokes goatee*

        On the other hand I can use this to guilt them into buying me Corona….

  • hellbilly_drp

    That is so friggin cool. I remember watching Killdozer when it aired back in the mid-seventies, and it has always been a favorite of mine.

    Is it just me or do the tentacles in the poster art seem to be singling out the scantily clad female?

  • Typh

    The poster looks very cool, def gonna check this out:D

  • Avid Fan

    Exellent poster art, I’m sold on the entertainment factor of the monster-dozer, and it has tenticles. Can’t resist the tenticles…