Fuller & Padalecki Talk Friday Sequel

NOT a real teaser poster for Friday the 13th 2The folks behind Platinum Dunes have had a very good weekend. They’ve made a lot of money and shown once again that horror can still not only lead, but dominate the box office. So of course the talk of a sequel has begun already…

”You can bet your ass that we want to do a sequel!” Brad Fuller said in his latest blog posting. ”I have said that a number of times, but now we have evidence to support that desire. My first call on Tuesday will be to all of the people we worked with at the studios to get moving on another Friday 13th movie. We loved making this one and already have some thoughts about the next one. I have spoken to Derek (who plays Jason), and we all want to work together again so I feel very strongly that he will be back. I also know who I want to write it and will get into that later. I hope to make some announcements about a sequel very soon.”

Well, that’s some good news for all the Friday fans who loved it and even those of us who just thought it was “meh”, save for a few choice bits (Mears’ performance as Jason among them). Fuller has some strong words for those who believe they only did Friday for the money so be sure to give the rest of the posting a read.

Meanwhile, Jared Padalecki addressed the sequel issue and his possible involvement with the Fango fiends today as well. ”I wouldn’t want to come back as the hero,” he told them. ”I would love to have one scene and die, and they wouldn’t want to option someone to return just to get killed. Still, if they did a sequel, I would love to be a part of it. I had a great time working with those guys; I just wouldn’t want to headline it again. I’ve told this story of Clay; it was fun and I don’t need to tell it again.”

Hell, there’s still the girl who cut off Jason’s mom’s head 20 years ago walking around; I think the focus should be on her. Seriously, think about it; Jason heads out to finally put an end to things, gets in all sorts of wacky, fish-out-of-water misadventures along the way; it could redefine horror as we know it! You listening, Platinum Dunes?!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • turnpiketramp

    I think Jason should have a girlfriend in the next one and he lives in the NJ ‘burbs and sells real estate because he heard it was a “cut throat” business.

  • Typh

    So ya I heard from a friend on the ComicMonster site an from some others they already have the 2nd an 3rd installment planned for later this year which i think may come out in march an november cause they both are friday the 13th so, But thats just what i think

  • ryan74

    come on, bring on the sequel.

  • PelusaMG

    I wish I had not read this article, as I have yet to see F13 2009… I guess you kinda dropped some major spoilers in there without intending to!

    • Johnny Butane

      What about the girl who cut off Jason’s mom’s head? It’s in the first 10 seconds of the film and never addressed again, so I guess it didn’t seem spoiler-y to me. Sorry!

      And seriously no one’s going to comment on my mad Photoshopin’ skills?

      • G.D.

        I’m guessing the spoiler would be that Jared Padalecki’s character survives…

        • Johnny Butane

          Really? Now that really doesn’t seem like a spoiler to me. Huh. Shows what I know!

      • hellbilly_drp

        Dude. That photoshopped pic is NIIICE!!!!

        • Johnny Butane

          Thank you. ‘Bout time someone acknowledged it!

  • Rottenjesus

    I like my “Black Sabbath Weed” idea better. Don’t quit your day job, Butane. 😉