Asylum Daring to Get Terminated?

The Terminators?!?Friday the 13th is generally considered a very unlucky day. This should be no matter to The Asylum who must be feeling very lucky these days. How else can you explain their boldness to make a mockbuster titled The Terminators. Wanna take one guess what it’s about?

If you answered “a small band of resistance fighters battle the cyborgs that have taken control of the planet” then give yourself a cookie and hope the neither Warner Brothers nor The Halcyon Company sues you so badly all you own afterward is that cookie. That title, that plot, that artwork: The Asylum must be feeling extremely cocky after surviving their recent legal dust-up with Fox over their The Day the Earth Stopped mockbuster. This takes balls.

For what it’s worth The Terminators, due on DVD shelves April 28th (pre-order here, Terminator: Salvation opens in theaters May 21st), stars ex-“Party of Five” co-star Jeremy London, former soap opera hunk A. Martinez, and B-movie tough guy Paul Logan.

I’m just going to presume The Asylum has had their skilled lawyers verify some legal precedent that makes a mockbuster that skirts this dangerously close to copyright infringement acceptable. If not, they should expect to be hearing from the producers of Terminator: Salvation very shortly. Or even worse, a very angry phone call from Christian Bale.

Does this mean you or I could make a movie about a dreadlocked reptilian alien hunter that comes down to Earth to hunt humans for sport, call the movie Predators, and not have to worry about any legal ramifications? If so, I need to get to work on that film ASAP because I am clearly missing out on a surefire market confusion moneymaker.

The Foywonder

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  • Chainsaw

    Yeah, I was pulling for them with this whole DTESS thing, but this is pretty much a step too far. I hope they get the ax for this one.

    Also, I disappointed to see that Jeremy London is stooping to this. But not so much A. Martinez.

  • DavidFullam

    Well I though Transmorphers, Day the Earth Stopped, and that Indiana Jones cash in would have had them sued into oblivion by now. If this one doesn’t get them taken down, then they are truly untouchable.

  • Enraged_Otter

    A scheme this devious could only be hatched by the combined malignant genius of Ted Dibiase, Bobby “the Brain” Heenan and Vince Mcmahon. I speculate that this is actuall the triumvirate heading the asylum

  • PelusaMG

    This is getting ridiculous!

    • Gus Bjork

      It almost feels like they are goading the studio. Did the attention they get for the Day the Earth Stood Still ripoff/threatened lawsuit spike sales for their mockbuster version? I like the set of stones Asylum has here but this one is going to be a risk.

      Or is there some weird symbotic relationship? What if the studios actually get marketing for their product from these?

      Foy should interview The Asylums attorney. That would be fun to listen to. I’ll bet he (she?) would make Roberto Gonzales look like Honest Abe Lincoln.