Rumor: Sega Breaks The Hearts Of Aliens Fans

Aliens losing their bite!Damn economic downturn! You’re getting in the way of my gaming! Joystiq is reporting a rumor that sounds like it has some substance to it.

Supposedly, they’ve pulled funding for both the Aliens: Colonial Marines game being worked on by Gearbox and the Aliens RPG being worked on by RPG gods Obsidian. Considering that both titles were the first fresh and unique takes on our beloved xenomorph splatter flicks, this is tragic news.

To rub salt in the wound, this is said to also put Obsidian in danger as a company. Considering how frickin’ awesome Obsidian is, that’s just bad, bad news. (Obsidian is best known for D&D-Based RPG’s Neverwinter Nights and Planescape.)

Here’s hoping someone steps in and saves these titles, or that the rumor is some kind of sick joke. Otherwise, Sega’s perplexing announcement this week of another Aliens Vs. Predator title is all we’ll have to look forward to featuring our acid dripping crystalline-toothed buddies.

Mr. Dark

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  • frank_dracman

    It’s just a mean rumor, right? I mean, really, you’re just joking. Bad Mr. Dark, bad bad! You gave me quite a scare there. Oh well, I’ll just go on with my life like nothing’s wrong- doo dee doo….

    If these get canceled I’m gonna be pissed.

  • Chainsaw

    Wow. What the hell is going on here? I think the gaming industry is going to shit right now, and what’s left isn’t going to be pretty for people who like original, dark games like me.