Uncensored Julien-K Video!

Julien-K's sexy new videoIn case you haven’t noticed, it’s rare for us to cover music of any kind here on Dread. It’s just too subjective, in my opinion, as to what constitutes “horror” music. But sometimes something comes our way that we just have to point out…

In this case it’s a very “adult” music video for Orgy off-shoot band Julien-K’s “Kick the Bass”, one of the songs off his solo CD. I have to warn you, this video is so incredibly NOT WORK SAFE that you may get fired just for reading this at work. Though hopefully not…

The video is over at Playboy’s official site, and if you’ve seen the “censored” version of this, you should know that this one has lots more gore and nudity, all the things we horror fans can’t help but be in love with. Hit the link to check it out; just do not do it at work. Unless you have a really cool job, that is.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • frank_dracman

    Yeah, that was pretty lame. Thanks for sharing, Butane!

    • Johnny Butane

      Sorry, it was overhyped to me, as well. I wasn’t able to watch it first, so had to go by what I was told by he who submitted it… It isn’t my fault if it’s lame! 😀

  • i3ullseye

    Wow… that was. Not good. And not remotely edgy. Is it April already? Did I miss something? Did we all just get Punked?

  • Avid Fan

    Eye’s wide Orgy meets cannibal bordeaux. I didn’t see any NSFW content, did I miss something in the video?

    Yeah, very un-memorable song, didn’t really want to see the singer guy getting kissed up close repeatedly either.

  • The Butcher

    I couldn’t get past how unbelievable bad the song itself is enough to watch the video.

    Suck of the highest order.