Chinese Snake Curse Trailer Insanity

Behold the insanity of Snake Curse!Now here’s a movie after my own heart: Snake Curse. A berserk Chinese killer snake monster movie that promises to deliver maximum amounts of kung fu, snake fu, snake woman fu, and Gordon Liu. Every one of you has got to watch this trailer, too.

You remember Gordon Liu, don’t you? He’s the long time Hong Kong martial arts films star most Western audiences might remember best in the dual roles of Johnny Mo and Master Pei Mei in Kill Bill. I think he’s playing a villain in Snake Curse. I think. The trailer for this film is so freaking insane it’s hard to tell what’s going on outside of Asians kicking other Asians as hand puppet snakes bite other Asians’ faces.

The plot for Snake Curse revolves around a mad scientist experimenting on snakes. Right there you know trouble is brewing. You never see a movie about a scientist experimenting on snakes that ends with everyone still alive and a cure for cancer being discovered. This particular mad scientist also blends human DNA with snake DNA to breed himself a living breathing half-woman/half-snake. Again, never something that ends in a positive. Or does it? The end result judging by the trailer is a whole lot of kung fu fighting, rubber snake biting, a Medusa monster on the loose, and a gigantic smile on my face. This looks simply amazing. Golden Bat amazing!

According to 24 FPS, the movie was originally made back in 1995 but is only now getting noticed because it will be receiving a long overdue theatrical run in mainland China next month. What little info I’ve been able to find indicates the movie was made in 2004. I don’t care when it was made or where it’s getting released so long as a copy of it ends up in my hands sooner rather than later.

Watch the trailer, everyone. Bask in the awesomeness of Snake Curse. If the movie proves to be as entertaining as this trailer then Citizen Kane may be about to lose its title as the greatest motion picture ever made.

The Foywonder

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  • DeTuinman


    Part Martial arts flick, part Manimal and a whole lotta weirdness!

    Aaaah…this just made my day.

    The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.