First Art & Details for UK Indie Straw Man

Straw Man poster!A few days back we gave you guys work on Vivid, a new UK horror film starring Charisma Carpenter. Within said story we mentioned another film called Straw Man, the relevance being that horror journalist/author/actress Axelle Carolyn had a role in both. Today more info came down on Straw Man, and since I’m in a sharing mood, here it is!

To your right is the film’s teaser poster, which showed up over on its Facebook group today. I dig its old-school charm myself. In a nutshell, Straw Man is the tale of the last man on Earth. To combat his loneliness he makes companions out of straw, whom he eventually tries to teach to alleviate his boredom.

The line between reality and fantasy blurs, however, and pretty soon he’s on a downward spiral. His creations begin to creep inside his head and a beautiful woman (Carolyn) shows up to torment him. Down that path lies madness, friends.

The film is the debut feature from Andy Barker, who wrote it alongside Garry Charles. The film just wrapped production on the 8th so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about it soon. For now you can hit the link above to join its Facebook group and/or make friends with them via MySpace!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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