War is Hell in NecroVisioN

NecroVisioN demo is here!The guys over at IGN just got a first look at a new game that I’m sure will appeal to horror fans, and if it doesn’t … well, you’re just a poseur then. POSEUR!

The game is called NecroVisioN (not sure if that last “N” needs to be capitalized or not, but that’s how they have it…), and it comes to us from The Farm 51st. What is it? Glad you asked!

NecroVisioN is first-person shooter that takes places in a varied range of locations, from the horrific and bloody trenches of World War One to secret labs and underground caverns plagued by gruesome undead creatures. You must battle through legions of German soldiers and hideous monsters as you venture further into this terrible underworld. Inspired by infamous horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, the story blends historically accurate locations and weapons with nightmarish creations. As a result, players fight enemies using authentic World War One-era weapons, supernatural but powerful demon artifacts, vampire technology, and when the action gets too close for comfort, a range of visceral melee moves.

Sound like fun? Hell yes, it does. Hit the official NecroVisioN site to download a demo of it now; we’ll keep an eye out for more updates soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Agonistes

    Talking about under the radar.

  • Avid Fan

    Holy Crawling Chaos!
    this looks like a bit of a Painkiller meets Jericho re-boot to me, but that is by far not a complaint. Nice visuals, curious to see how “Lovecraftian” this really is or if it’s just full of tentacles and fire power.