Whedon Talks Large with Cabin in the Woods

Joss WhedonIF Magazine released an interesting and rather optimistic quote by accomplished writer Joss Whedon today regarding the just beginning film project “>Cabin in the Woods. Whedon co-wrote the film with Drew Goddard, who will be directing, and has a lot of confidence in what they are trying to do.

“Ultimately it’s my and Drew’s take on the classic horror movie,” he told the mag, “which means it’s a classic horror movie, but also means we have something specific to say about it and a different way of saying it than we’ve seen before. I think afterwards people will love it so much there will be no more need for movies. They will want to watch this movie over and over again.”

I think the writer of “Firefly” might be stretching the hyperbole a little thin; regardless, I can’t help but be intrigued. The secrecy around this film is pretty tight, and there just might be something fun hiding underneath it all. More information will be shared as it is revealed!

Tristan Sinns

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Tristan Sinns