Saw Video Game Finds New Home

Saw The Video GameWhen original rights holder Brash Entertainment crashed and burned in a very spectacular way recently, it looked bad for the future of a game based on the Saw series. Variety is reporting today that Konami has picked up the rights and now plans on releasing a Saw title sooner rather than later.

This appears to involve more than just the rights, but the actual work-in-progress from Brash, as the announcement states the game will be released along with the next Saw film … which we know is due this Halloween season.

I admit to be more than a little concerned … unless the game is 100% done at this point, we’re talking about a new design team taking up a work-in-progress from another company that was in trouble when the development was taking place. The release window really isn’t as wide as it seems: 8.5 months from now till release for a three-platform game (PC, 360, PS3) isn’t a whole lot of time at all. There’s just not too much opportunity left to polish the game if there are still rough edges.

While no one has seen the game yet, we know that Tobin ‘I’m far too badass to still be attached to this dying franchise’ Bell is indeed reprising his role as Jigsaw. No clue beyond that at all, but I think it’s safe to say it won’t be a ‘paint by numbers’ game involving horses aimed at the female ‘tweener’ market.

Here’s hoping the game does justice to the earlier entries in the franchise and puts us in the same tension and desperation of the original Jigsaw’s victims.

Mr. Dark

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Hope this won’t be sawful in the Dread Central forums!

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  • NeoKefka

    Man, if Costas Mandylor turns out to be an unlockable character I’ll buy two copies of this game.

  • FilmCritic3000

    This game will only be worth it if you can unlock and play as Foy.