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Doomsday County (click for larger image)If you lived in a place called Doomsday County, should it really come as a surprise when you find yourself having to fend off hungry zombies, bloodsucking vampires, melting mad scientists, and alien invaders? That’d be like entering Uncle Creepy’s subconscious mind and being shocked to find so much filth and madness.

For those who love anthology horror flicks comes the Grindhouse-styled indie production Doomsday County from Abyssmal Entertainment, the company behind Hoodoo For Voodoo, a new Tiffany Shepis horror comedy coming to DVD next month. And with a company name like Abyssmal Entertainment, even if the movie proves to be abysmal, you really can’t say you didn’t get what you expected. With any luck Doomsday County will be prove to be anything but abysmal because the premise sure sounds like fun.

Filmmakers Shawn Haran, Art Brainard, Joe Badiali, and Jason Hawkes are bringing us “four intense short horror stories based around the area known as Doomsday County”, each introducing a new otherwordly threat to plague the denizens of this unfortunately named community.

Xenombies: When a film class at Doomsday Tech learn first-hand a little too much about the contents of the Xenon bulb, they soon turn into something more maniacal, and it’s up to school teacher Eddie Tapia to teach them their lesson.

Vampire Academy: Is the snooty academy in Doomsday County filled with rich socialites, or possibly something more? Welcome to the place where the students would kill to get good grades.

The Curse of Dr. Mongoo: When Doomsday County’s resident mad scientist Dr. Mongoo designs a virus to take over the world, only Doomsday’s finest Detectives Montgomery and Chops can try to put a stop to it.

Betty Beretta: At the peak of weirdness in Doomsday County, the local authorities have no choice but to call in Betty Beretta. Rock star/model by night and secret agent by day, she is forced to attempt to stop a potential alien invasion that could destroy Doomsday County and the world!

Trailers for the Xenombies and The Curse of Dr. Mongoo segments of Doomsday County have already popped up (see below). Check them out for a taste of what’s to come.

And remember you can keep up-to-speed on all the news regarding the various terrors plaguing Doomsday County at the cleverly designed Doomsday County website.

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