Bio-Dead Looking to Spread Some Bio-Terror

Bio-Dead (click for larger image)Bio-terrorism takes on a whole new meaning in Bio-Dead, a new indie sci-fi horror flick from writer director Stephen J. Hadden about the horror that awaits a hazmat team looking for survivors following a viral holocaust.

Welcome to The Zone”. A 4,061 square mile contaminated wasteland. Tomb for twelve million infected corpses. And home to an evil the likes of which mankind has never encountered.

While searching for disaster survivors, a hazmat team discovers a mysterious building located deep within “The Zone”. At first the enormous structure appears to be uninhabited… but soon the rescue workers realize that they are not alone. As the team members begin to experience terrifying hallucinations, a vicious predator stalks the men through the maze-like halls.

Trapped inside the compound with no escape, the team is forced to fight for their lives against the ghoulish attacker… and each other.”

You learn more about the film, view stills from the movie, and watch the first trailer for the film at the official Bio-Dead website. The trailer for Bio-Dead is definitely worth a look. Maybe it’s the vintage John Carpenter-esque vibe of the trailer or perhaps it’s the retro early 80’s Italian post-apocalyptic look of the film but this one looks to have real potential.

The Foywonder

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