Tunnicliffe’s Got a Pinhead

Tunnicliffe's Pinhead designOh, man, this is just sad. Gary Tunnicliffe is one of the best FX guys in the business. If anyone’s going to take on a new Pinhead design, I’d be happy with what he could come up with, especially since he worked on the design for the last few direct-to-DVD entries. Even though his phone never rang when Dimension started planning their “>Hellraiser remake, that didn’t stop him from trying!

On your right you can see one of a slew of stills from Tunnicliffe’s re-designed Pinhead, which Fangoria got ahold of today. Not sure how I feel about it, to be honest, but with a little tweaking I think it could be truly horrifying.

Go read the feature article and watch the video over on Fangoria for Tunnicliffe’s thoughts on the project and where he’d go with it. Hopefully whomever they get to redesign Pinhead won’t stray too far from the original; the look is called “iconic” for a reason, you know.

Dig on the test video below for more!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Enraged_Otter

    I could imagine a platinum dunes version of pinhead with railroad spikes in his head rather than little pins and instead of having the film be all gritty like they do it would have blood stains. meh I dunno seems like nobody really knows how to handle this property well or if someone does they’re not being given the freedom they need.

  • Uncle Creepy

    Seeing it in motion in the video worked a lot better than the stills. Although I can’t help feel that it looks more like a Pinhead knock-off than it does anything else.

  • David

    The picture of the sculpt from the side is decent, and the white robes are an idea that Clive Barker had back in the mid-90’s. I just think that the nails are too big and the facial scars should look like they are old.

    Like you said Johnny, a little tweaking and this could work. Not that it matters much, though. The director will have his own ideas on how to recreate the Lead Cenobite’s look no matter who gets the job. Since Pascal Laugier said he was going back to the novella for inspiration, I hope for jeweled pins and the Cenobite’s ritualistically scarred flesh to be dusted down with ash.