Nispel on Two Original Films in the Works

Marcus Nispel talks original films in the worksNew York can be a scary place for anyone not familiar with it, but I think even the most hardened New Yorker would piss themselves if asked to spend too much time underneath the city which, according to director Marcus Nispel, is deeper than it is higher.

In a conversation with Sci Fi Wire, Nispel talks about an original film he’s been trying to get going since 2004 called either Subterranean or Pod, and it sounds very cool indeed. ”They have seven, eight sublevels, and as they drill under the bedrock of Manhattan, they find something they never should have come across,” Nispel explained to the site. ”It’s a Pandora’s box, and it’s an urban archaeologist that … knows essentially how to deal with it by knowing the different levels and by playing [them].”

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for movies about hidden evil things living just below the surface of our normal world, and this one sounds spot-on. Nispel said he got the idea doing research for End of Days, a directing project he eventually left. “They found, truly, there’s a room made out of mirrors, prisms, and it’s huge. Nobody knows why it’s there, who put it there, how it got there. I can’t even put it in the movie, because people would think it would be a Hollywood idea, you know. So that’s something very dear to me. That kind of stuff.”

He’s also got an iron in the fire called Immaculate Conception about a virgin who gets pregnant and watches as the people around her begin to get offed. “At the end of the first act you’re watching Rosemary’s Baby,” Marcus continued, ”only to find out that there’s sort of a religious splinter group that has a relic, and the relic is a rusty nail that they found in the hills of Golgotha, and that she’s pregnant with, in all likelihood, the body of Christ,”

Sounds righteously fucked up; here’s hoping both films come to fruition! Nispel’s latest directorial effort, you may recall, is the upcoming remake of “>Friday the 13th, which hits theaters on, well, Friday the 13th! Look for our review soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Johnny Butane

    Pathfinder was original. Didn’t make it good.

  • Avid Fan

    Finally, something original from Nispel. Both offerings sound very intriguing indeed. Especially the pregnant virgin with religious splinter groups, hell yeah.
    Here’s hoping for a good Friday the 13th re-visioning.