Mad World Gets March Release Date

Made World on the Nintendo Wii (click for larger image)What’s black and white and red all over? No, not a mime in a woodchipper (as entertaining as that would be), it’s Mad World, a Wii title we haven’t really covered here on DC at all as of yet. Why is that, you ask? I blame Butane. He’s not responsible, but he’s smaller than me and lives a long way from where I am.

Mad World might be the Wii title we’ve been waiting for. Visually, think Sin City meets The Running Man. In an unnamed future world, you are a contestant in a reality show where the object is to murder everyone within an arena. Sometimes it’s pure slaughter, others there is a specific goal, such as shoving a certain number of opponents into a giant mashing spike-covered machine.

The game is entirely black and white, except for the copious amounts of grue. Blood flows like eyeliner at a My Chemical Romance show, which puts this title right up our nasty little alley. Chainsaws are involved, ‘nuff said.

Joystiq is reporting that Sega America has confirmed a March 10th North American release date, despite the title’s still-missing ESRB rating. With at least an M coming, the concern is that the ratings board would require edits to avoid a lethal A(dult) rating, but the confirmation of this release date is likely a sign that the M is all but in the bag.

If you’re tired of bowling, exercising, and hopping onto cartoon marshmallows with small plumbers, the plethora of carnage Mad World offers might just cure what ails ya. Pre-order it below!

Mr. Dark

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  • Avid Fan

    Excellent, it’ll be like Jack Kirby vs Sin City vs fight club vs the Buena Vista Social Club vs Jim Thompson vs capcom arcade vs starcade vs gears of war chainsaw fight vs bums fighting over bologna vs BeastMaster vs Star Wars virtual monster chess game thing vs thumb wrestling vs shark swarm vs Manhunt on roids vs Death Race 2000 (but without the racing and cars) vs babies after winning a fight with Jack Thompson.

    Or something similar to that.

  • ki11raven

    House of the Dead 2 and 3 are fun on the Wii.

  • Johnny Butane

    Reason #42563 to get a damn Wii…