Malone Talks Future of Parasomnia

Parasomnia prequel?William Malone chatted up the boys at Arrow in the Head about his latest cinematic offering, “>Parasomnia, and during the course of the conversation he mentioned what he’d do if the film’s distributors wanted more from this nightmare world.

“I know that people are gonna probably ask, can you do a sequel. And I probably think what I would do, I’d probably do a prequel rather than a sequel,” he explained, ”because I kind of like leaving our characters where they wind up in the end of the film. I wouldn’t really want to tamper with that, but I think that certainly our villain has got a lot of material there.”

It only makes sense that he’d have an idea or two for more considering how much time he’s spent working on the film; for now, though, I’ll just be happy if we get to see the first one soon!

To those of you in L.A., don’t forget to check out the special screening with fellow masters of horror at The Egyptian on March 5th. Details are “>right here if you missed them the first time!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane