Splinter DVD Delay a Good Thing?

Splinter now getting a Blu-ray release!Maybe you didn’t notice it, but I know we sure as hell did; Splinter was supposed to hit DVD on January 27th. It didn’t. Why the hell is that, do you ask? No idea, but Magnolia will now be releasing Toby Wilkins’ badass monster movie on April 14th.

That’s quite a jump, no? I’m sure they have their reasons, but as Wilkins made clear in a post on HorrorMovies.ca’s forums, this delay is actually a good development for the fans; ”pushing the release date back a little has given us the time to add a ton of extra content to the DVD, including two commentary tracks we recorded last week, and also to do a Blu-Ray release, which I was personally very pleased to get.” Wilkins posted, ”So I hope you agree that the extended wait comes with at least a little bit of a silver lining.”

Splinter is currently airing in On-Demand, and the Sci Fi Channel will be showing the film in high definition during the Valentine’s Day weekend, including a back-to-back showing with Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers on Valentine’s night, so you at least have a few chances to check it out before April. Keep it here for an expanded look at the DVD’s specs as soon as we get them!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • ki11raven

    I have 1 problem with this movie, and it is this. I saw the commercial for it today on the Sci-Fi channel and of course they tagged it as a Sci-Fi Original. WTF? why are they trying to take credit for such a good movie that they had nothing to do with?

  • nakattack

    Can someone tell me where this movie is at in On Demand? I checked OD’s website and they didn’t even list the film. Also I agree that the cover art is TERRIBLE.

  • Caterpillar

    They should consider fixing the absolutely asstacular cover “artwork” as well.

  • Justin Warren

    It sucks about the delay, but I’ll be getting this badass movie on Blu Ray for sure now! I saw it on the big screen in Austin, and my fiance and I thought it was amazing. An outstanding well-directed low budget horror flick that really builds up the scares well, and has great effective, minimal use of terrific looking creature effects. A great script with likable characters, played by talented actors, too. lol….I can’t think of anything i DIDN’T like about it at all! Well, actually…CAN WE PLEASE CHANGE that terrible cover art now that we have more time?????