Ten Years of The Blair Witch Project

Ten years of The Blair Witch ProjectWow. I remember a cubicle I had at one of my old jobs that I hung a piece of teaser art for The Blair Witch Project (the one on your right, as a matter of fact) in, which always got a lot of attention from fellow co-workers who had heard about this supposedly “found footage” of a group of campers who run afoul of the titular woods-dwelling hag.

I can’t believe that was a decade ago already, but indeed it was; 2009 marks the ten-year anniversary of The Blair Witch Project, and I expect we’ll be talking about that a lot during the year. Out friends over at Rotten Tomatoes just dropped a line to us with a heads-up about an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the making of the film, as well as a brand-new interview with directors Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick.

Check out the video below, and click here to read the interview, which goes into what it was like to both make the film and live in its aftermath.

Like I said, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about 10-year anniversary celebrations for the film all year long. Don’t be surprised if it starts getting theatrical play again either!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • ilovejohncarpenter

    I seriously believe that people who criticize this film have no imagination. It creeped me out when I saw it in the theater and it continues to creep me out on DVD.

  • doubleh55

    This probably says more about me than the film, obviously, but when it was over I had no idea what the hell happened. I had to ask somebody so they could explain it to me. 🙂

  • G.D.

    Though I don’t think it has much re-watch value (I got the DVD when it came out and I’ve watched the ‘Curse of the Blair Witch’ “In Search Of”-inspired promo piece more than I’ve watched the feature, at the time it was definitely a masterpiece. To watch that in the theatre, even after enduring the hype and finding out so much about how it was made, etc. it was nerve racking and tense. And that fucking ending sealed it. That is one of the most chilling endings I’ve ever seen. I just LOVE it.

    I would love a big-ass tenth anniversary disc.

    From the RT article, it seems pretty sad that Lionsgate (Artisan) have so completely wiped their hands of the movie that basically made them what they currently are.

    This movie, particularly on the 10th anniversary, is a no-brainer for a double dip. I’d frankly love a nice box set of the two movies, loaded down with extras and retrospectives.

  • Knetter

    I saw it at a drive-in and thought it was fucking great. One of the only films that has ever creeped me out.

  • Chainsaw

    People can dump on the movie all they want, but from watching it on a dark night with friends, after the buildup…that movie still gives me the creeps.


  • Jim_McD

    I thought the middle dragged pretty bad in places but it certainly had it’s high points. What sticks out in my mind was that the actors were all on the MTV movie awards or something at the height of the hysteria, talking like they were the greatest shit ever. And where are those actors now? Too bad no one involved with that project seemed to make a go of it.

  • Blockbuster

    Don’t waste your time. Seriously.

  • hellbilly_drp

    Damn. I still haven’t seen this.

  • kiddcapone

    The most overrated film in the history of mankind. I tried watching it a few times on cable since it first played in theaters and it’s the same exact reaction each time. The film credits roll and I sit there in stunned silence mumbling to myself…”you’ve got to be fucking kidding me…that’s it?”.

  • krawlingkhaos

    I agree heartily that it was a masterpiece. Even if “The Last Broadcast” was first it was nowhere near as good or as effective (and that ending, God! When are we going to see a good Jersey Devil Movie, huh? Please.). But they can leave the video games out of any ten-year box set they make. They were bad enough before, and I’m sure they have not aged as well as the movies.

  • Sirand

    Ten years later, still a masterpiece…no matter what anyone says.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Amen. Hopefully we’ll get an all encompassing boxset some time soon with the movies and all the specials as extras — which by the way were all top notch!

    • Cash Bailey


      I wish I was cool enough to dismiss this film at the time it came out. Condemn it for its blatant falseness like all the hipster fuck-wits will inevitably claim they did.

      But as a poor-ass young lad from a rural town with no access to the internet I have to admit that THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT ranks up there with FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and SEVEN as one of the most physically affecting cinematic experiences of my life.

      When it finished, with that monumentally brilliant ending, I walked out of that movie a quivering mess, barely able to string two words together.

      And even as I left the cinema I could hear the mouth-breathers who had populated the cinema around me grumbling at how unimpressed with the movie they were.

      And even when I watched the movie again months later on DVD, I still felt that surge of dread.

      So bring it on if they have more to show us. I don’t know if it’ll affect me in the same way it did all those years ago, but I’d certainly be willing to check it out.