Star Wars REALLY Goes to the Dark Side with Death Troopers

I know … we’re talking about Star Wars on Dread Central. Who thought we’d ever see the day? Writer Joe Schreiber, that’s who. With his upcoming book Death Troopers Schreiber intends to take the series where it has never gone before — into the realm of horror!
Schreiber wrote in his blog the following concerning his upcoming project:

“I’m going to be writing a Star Wars horror novel for Lucasfilm, to be released in November of 2009. And although I’ve been specifically asked not to talk about the content of the book, I can tell you that A) It’s going to be very scary and B) It’s hopefully going to be released on the same day that my original horror novel The Black Wing comes out.

According to StarWars.com, who released the artwork found below, Death Troopers is currently slated for an October 27, 2009 paperback release from Del Rey Books.

Death Troopers

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Chainsaw

    We’re going to see vicious Ewok cannibalism, mark my words.

    • Jim_McD

      GIRL: Oh Jesus please don’t kill me!
      EWOK: Yub nub.

      Yeah, that one Ewok who’s mom got killed by the two-legged walker is back and looking for revenge.

      FADE IN:

      INT. HUT – DAY

      We see the Ewok, growling low, furious. He raises the electric clippers and begins to shave off his fur revealing JASON BEHR…

  • Blockbuster

    Dude! EWOKS! NICE.

  • Jim_McD

    A couple problems just with that cover.

    – “Deathtroopers”? Aren’t they all deathtroopers by their very nature?

    – there’s a dead troopers head, are the stormtroopers getting murdered by the deathtroopers? If so why would anyone care? They’re stormtroopers, their only reason to exist is to absorb a single laser blast and then die instantly and quietly. Sounds like a recipe for the most boring 200 pages I can possibly imagine.

    Unless at the end the Deathtroopers take off their helmets and they’re motherfuckin Ewoks. Nah, even then…

    • G.D.

      You do realize it’s a Star Wars universe book right? And thus meant to appeal to people interested in the extended universe of Star Wars? People likely not so petty as to decide, based not even on a SYNOPSIS, that a book will be shit?

      “What’s with this stupid Night of the Living Dead? If it’s night, it will be too dark to see! Plus, night lasts like 10 hours! That’s WAY too long a movie. Do they really expect us to sit in a theatre for an entire night?And if they’re living, doesn’t that mean they’re not dead? This sounds like a stupid, boring movie. Also? I am mot definitely not a petty idiot at all for making my mind up based on a title and a single image.”

      • Jim_McD

        Whoa take it easy GD, it was all meant in fun. I’m not a petty idiot, I’m just a dick. 🙂

        Hey if this guy can pull off something really unique then I’ll be more than happy to fork over my $12 for a copy. It’s just easy to be pessimistic when so often horror fans get whacked in the head with a sock full of Fail.

  • Gus Bjork

    It kind of rubs me the wrong way. I really like the idea of scary in the Star Wars universe. Horrifying even. But the artwork says something different. Graphic as theme, not graphic events.

    Although I guess I kind of like the thought of something like Southern Comfort. It’s too direct and probably too stupid but off the top of my head, Stormtroopers get cut off and stranded in the swamps of Dagobah searching for Yoda maybe, finding themselves being hunted and picked off.

    PS-Never go on a first date and say this if you want a second date.

    • PelusaMG

      You want Star Wars… horror.. scary… What about Leia in that gold costume, captured by Jabba, lusted over by Jabba, and all with the unspoken suggestion that he might at some point want to be intimate with her (or may even have already done so)!!!


  • DavidFullam

    So the Cenobites are hanging out in the Star Wars universe now?

  • Chainsaw


  • RingoJ

    Imma read this.

  • Dr Malachi Constant

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. If this weren’t pretty much guaranteed to be a sub-literate mess, like most franchise spin-off novels, I’d probably be more than a little intrigued. For instance … if they were to spin this concept into some sort of interactive video thingy. What do they call those, again?