Lightning Strikes the Sci Fi Channel

Lightning Strikes coming to Sci Fi!I’m sure there are many of you out there wishing lightning really would strike and electrocute the Sci-Fi Channel – or at least some of its executives. I’m afraid that is not what this headline is about. It’s a reference to a new original movie in the works over at Sci-Fi titled Lightning Strikes, about a paranormal creature lurking within the lightning that’s holding a town hostage.

Some of you may recognize the name David A. Prior. For those that do not, he’s been around since the 1980’s making all manner B-movies, primarily of the direct-to-video variety, often starring his buff brother Ted Prior. He got his start with an ultra low budget horror 1983 horror flick Sledgehammer. Since then he’s gone on to write, direct, and/or produce action/horror/sci-fi flicks the likes of Killer Workout, Future Force, Mardi Gras for the Devil, Raw Justice, Mutant Species, and just last year I reviewed his to-be-released latest, “>Zombie Wars.

Prior sold his screenplay for When Lightning Strikes to the Sci-Fi Channel; the “when” has been dropped as they prep it for production. As the film is so early in production there are no further details at this time; though I am under the impression that Prior will not be directing it. Prior describes Lightning Strikes on his own website as “A Spielberg-ish, supernatural action/drama in the tradition of Jaws and Moby Dick.” The full plot synopsis goes a little something like this:

A small town in North Carolina is surrounded by an electrical storm and it won’t let anyone leave. Because there is something in the lightning. Something ancient. Something evil. A creature who actually exists within the lightning itself and controls it. One you can only see during a suspension of time and space in between when the lightning hits you and when you hit the ground. This creature now holds an entire town hostage and only one man has a chance of saving them.

Now for those of you wondering what’s up with the picture accompanying this article … Look. I had nothing else to go with the article so I just took a photo of a lightning strike I Googled and used Photoshop to draw a scary monster. I know; it looks terrible. Hey, Perez Hilton does crap like this all the time and he has one of the most popular sites on the web.

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