Munroe Talks War Monkeys!

Kevin Munroe talks War MonkeysI’m sure you’ve been losing a good amount of sleep wondering what the hell’s going on with Kevin Munroe’s War Monkeys, which we last told about a few months back. Well rest easy, dear reader, we’ve got you an update!

“It’s running just a couple weeks behind where Dead of Night is, and we’re doing the same, where we’re sort of making lists and calling people and talking” Munroe told Sci Fi Wire in a recent interview ”There’s a couple of really great people we’re talking about for the other role against Sammo [Hung]. And then there’s a whole other cadre of people for a couple of days at a time; it will be really fun cameo kind of stuff.”

For those of you not losing sleep over the movie, War Monkeys is the story of two janitors trapped in an underground facility that’s being taken over by a bunch of military-trained simians.

”It could so easily just be a goof B movie, but it’s a good little story. And the characters are very relatable,” Munroe continued. ”but, at the same time, it’s set against this really violent, really sort of rank comedy. It’s great.”

Hit the link above to read Munroe’s thoughts on how they’ll be pulling off the monkey sequences, which they’re hoping to fill with as many real monkeys as possible. Munroe’s next film is Dead of Night and, as we reported yesterday, he’ll be moving on to El Zombo Fantasma after Monkeys, so he’s going to be busy for a while!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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