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Blood, Boobs, & Beast DVD (click for larger image)You may have heard about the wonderful documentary Blood, Boobs & Beast on various horror and indie film websites over the past year or so about the career of independent horror filmmaker Don Dohler. The doc is finally on its way to DVD courtesy of Troma, and it’ll come complete with what is arguably Dohler’s most famous film, Night Beast.

Making Don Dohler the subject of a documentary even struck me as an odd choice and I’d previously heard of the man, but if you’ve read my review of Blood, Boobs & Beast (review here) you’ll realize just how interesting, and even a bit sad, his story proves to be even for those unfamiliar with his films, such as Night Beast and The Alien Factor. Dohler has also inspired artists and filmmakers such as Robert Crumb (Fritz the Cat), J.J. Abrams (creator of TV show “Lost”) and Art Speigelman (Maus) with his underground comix character “ProJunior”, and his filmmaking magazine, Cinemagic. It’s his successes and failures in the world of very low budget genre filmmaking that the documentary mostly focuses on, thus making it a must-see for fans, non-fans, and, in particular, budding filmmakers.

Troma will release a two-disc set of Blood, Boobs & Beast on February 24th along with Dohler’s 1982 sci-fi horror flick Night Beast, the tale of a toothy reptilian alien on a rampage with a ray gun in a small hick town. Both discs will come complete with audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and trailers. It’ll retails

Speaking of trailers, have a look at the Blood, Boobs, & Beast trailer by clicking here, and then pre-order the DVD below.

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