Born Creator Unveils Spiderhole

Spiderhole image!While Daniel Simpson is still waiting for things to move on the freaky stop-motion nightmare “>Born, he managed to get up the funding and time to shoot another film called Spiderhole.

He gave word (and a slew of images) to Fangoria recently about said film, which follows the age-old pattern of teens going into someplace unsafe to revel in debauchery only to be killed one by one. Simpson describes it in such a way, however, that it sounds like there may be more to it than that.

After a night of partying these kids find themselves trapped inside the building, with metal sealing all the doors and windows, and soon wake up strapped into some sinister-looking chairs after having been gassed. Nothing pleasant happens from there.

Check out the Fangoria link to read Simpson’s entire plot rundown and see more pics. Hopefully Spiderhole will be hitting festivals soon, and Born is just waiting for funding via Handmade Films to roll in New Zealand. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know when there’s more to report!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane