Wiseman on the Future of Underworld

Len Wiseman talks Underworld's futureOne would think that a trilogy of movies detailing the emo war between vampires and werewolves would be enough, but oh no. Underworld creator Len Wiseman talked about where he wants to see the franchise go now that the trilogy is complete.

””I’m kind of flirting with ideas of what would take place in the future,” Wiseman told STYD. ”I’m just glad people are accepting that we can jump around in the time line and people are interested. Hopefully they’ll be willing to accept different stories because the characters are there and they’re immortal. It would be fun to go forward again.”

But that’s not all that’s being discussed; Wiseman told Bloody Disgusting that there’s talk of bringing the war to the small screen as well; “There’s a lot of talk about a television series, I’m looking into that … if I could be very involved and it can be a certain way, I’d be very interested in that.”

Basically the point is that no matter how “>Underworld: Rise of the Lycans does this weekend, we’ll be seeing more from the franchise soon. Personally I think another sequel set in the future with lasers would be fantastic.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane