First Look at Vacancy

Vacancy pic (click to see it bigger!)Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale; I guess that’s more of a believable match up than Beckinsale and Adam Sandler (see Click to see what I mean. On second thought, don’t). In Vacancy, the two play a couple whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and are forced to spend the night in a creepy motel.

It’s not just your average creepy motel though, as there are cameras everywhere to catch the cat and mouse game a gang of killers play with the couple for their latest film.

The picture you see on the right is the first Sony has released from the film, and as is typical with studios these days, it’s very uninteresting. No action, no blood, no creepy, claustrophobic scene of Kate stuck in a crawlspace; just two characters looking at … something. Wow, can’t wait for that…

Vacancy is due out April 20th, 2007.

Johnny Butane

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