Evil at an End?

Resident Evil all done? (click to see the pic larger!)The pic you see to the right (click on it to see the whole thing) is the latest still Sony has released from Resident Evil: Extinction and I will admit that it’s kinda cool. The news that came along with it was even cooler.

In the latest official announcement of RE: Extinction, it is very clearly stated that the film will be the last in the series according to IGN. Could that be the best Christmas present a Johnny Butane could ever ask for? It’s damn close!

The third movie finds Alice (Mila) hiding out in the Nevada desert (cause really, why bother even attempting to follow the game’s plot at this point?) and along for the ride are some new and old faces. She uses her superhuman strength and agility to both fight zombies (of which I’m sure there are dozens) as well as seek out revenge on the Umbrella Corporation for making her this way.

The flick’s not out until September 21st so expect to hear more about it in the coming months, though not as much as some others because, in case you couldn’t tell, I think this series sucks and barely deserves our attention.

Johnny Butane

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