Neeson Talks After.Life

After.Life posterNow here’s a flick we’ve not heard about in a while; Agineszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo’s “>After.Life, the story of a girl stuck between this world and the next and the funeral director who may be trying to bury her alive.

Liam Neeson plays said funeral director, and he recently laid out some character details to the folks at Sci Fi Wire while promoting his latest film, Taken. “It’s not horrific. I’m a funeral director, and I’m preparing a body, which happens to be Christina Ricci’s, and she opens her eyes,” Neeson explained. ”I tell her, ‘You’re dead.’ She says, ‘I’m not dead.’ I say, ‘You are dead.’ So you’re not sure if it’s a kind of a supernatural thriller or if this guy is a mass murderer. That’s basically it in a nutshell.”

I really hope there’s more to it than that cause that’d be a pretty damn short movie if not. Or, if said exchange goes on and on, a pretty boring movie. Justin Long stars as Ricci’s boyfriend, who think she may still be alive, so there’s that element as well. Hopefully we’ll hear more on After.Life between now and its proposed October 23rd release date, so stick around!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • pintsized

    I love what Liam says about the ambiguity of his character… it sounds like we’ll never be sure whether he’s a good guy helping Ricci transition to the afterlife or a sick psycho wanting to bury her alive!!!! Awesome!!!

  • Talkinghead

    Plus I found this on Chandler Canterbury’s website (he plays the young boy Jack):

    “This intense film, written and directed by Agniezska Vosloo, tells the tale of Anna (Ricci), a young teacher caught between life and death and Eliot (Neeson), a funeral director who appears to have the gift of transitioning the dead, but might just be intent on burying her alive. CHANDLER plays Jack, the misfit student of Anna’s that is empathetic with the dead and the perfect protégé for Eliot.”

    So it looks like there’s a LOT more to the story than just Liam telling Ricci she’d dead!!

  • Talkinghead

    Read the rest of the SciFiWire article:

    Neeson explained that After.Life isn’t quite a two-hander between him and Ricci. Rather, Long plays a pivotal role as well, one that adds to the intrigue.

    “He’s a wonderful young actor,” Neeson said of Long. “He plays Christina’s boyfriend. He thinks she’s maybe still alive. So there are three or four different genres in there.”

    Personally I think the premise is awesome.

  • Avid Fan

    Excellent poster image.

  • pintsized

    From what I’ve read the film sounds incredible. Plus I suspect there’s more to the story than Liam Neeson’s revealing right now =]