First Look Inside Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 pic!A few months back we told you guys about a new show being made for The Sci Fi Channel that might have a horror spin to it, “Warehouse 13”. Today Sci Fi Wire put up the first pic of the titular facility, which you can see on your right. Kinda looks like where they’re keeping the Ark of the Covenant, doesn’t it?

The premise for “Warehouse 13” follows two Secret Service agents who find themselves transferred to Warehouse 13, an underground facility in South Dakota that houses every single supernatural artifact ever collected by the U.S. government, after saving the President’s life. Some reward. They’re tasked by the warehouse’s caretaker to track down reports of the supernatural and find new objects to add to the collection.

So our government is some kind of supernatural object packrat? That’s not very comforting, but it’s not terribly surprising either. Production will kick into gear in Toronto on “Warehouse 13” in February with a July 2009 premiere planned.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Avid Fan

    You nailed it with the Friday the 13th : the Series and the x-files reference, toss in the warehouse from Indiana Jones, and there you have Warehouse 13 (luck or unlucky number?).

  • kiddcapone

    I liked the idea better when it was called Friday the 13th the series.

    Maybe if this doesn’t pan out they can go ahead with option B: Two FBI agents working on supernatural cases called The Z Files.