Babysitter Wanted Goes Theatrical!

Just got a heads up from the folks behind “>Babysitter Wanted (review), the strange little film that was getting nicely buzzed for a while then seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth. Good news, though; it’s now got a theatrical release date set, hitting theaters on February 6th, 2009!
It will be premiering in select theaters that day, as well as on Dish Network’s Premium PPV, then expanding to even more theaters on February 20th. I have to admit the movie’s just quirky enough to possibly find itself an audience if the right people get out there to check it out. Will you be one?

The artwork you may have seen for Babysitter Wanted before, the girl’s face with the hand over her mouth, has been ditched in favor of a different cover, which is good cause it looked way too much liked Turistas for my tastes. We’ll see the new DVD art soon; below you can check out some new posters done up for Babysitter Wanted’s theatrical run!

They’ll be having their Red Carpet premiere on February 19th in Tempe, Arizona (near the University,) at the Arizona Mills Luxury 24 theaters. The film’s stars Matt Dallas (“Kyle XY”) and Sarah Thompson (“Angel”, “Seventh Heaven”) will be there so if you’re in the area, do what you can to find some tickets!

Keep it here for more updates soon; for now you can read more about it at the official site or MySpace page!

Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • G.D.

    The top and bottom posters are cool, the middle one is too blah though.

    As for the flick, I’ll check it out.