The Weekly Wrap-Up: January 10-16, 2009

The Weekly Wrap-Up: January 10-16, 2009

Due to the holidays and our server migration just after the first of the year, the Wrap-Up has been on a bit of a hiatus. Well, we’re back now — a year older but still bigger and badder than ever. Let’s take a look at what went down during the week of January 10-16, 2009.

  • Along with the New Year, we got a new Cold Spots, something that always warms the cockles of my heart! Take a trip with Scott to Billy’s Bar and Grill in Aberdeen, Washington, for another of his ghostly tales.

  • The trailer for the Last House on the Left redux found its way online, and I have to say it looks promising. Not great by any means, but not sucking is certainly better than what most of us were expecting.

  • Unfortunately, hardly anyone has such high hopes for Halloween 2, but a couple of Zombie’s casting choices offer up a glimmer of interest: Ezra Buzzington as a beer delivery guy and Danielle Harris as … well, if you don’t know, then you’re one of the lucky ones who avoided H2‘s predecessor. You may want to continue on that path.

  • While we’re on the subject of actors signing onto projects, I couldn’t have been happier to read about the pairing of Radha Mitchell with Timothy Olyphant in the Crazies remake. They should definitely have very engaging chemistry together.

  • Even if you weren’t as excited about the release of My Bloody Valentine 3D as I was, be sure to take a few minutes to watch our red carpet interviews from the premiere. David’s bit with Tom Atkins alone makes the time well spent.

  • Trailers and posters and film clips were all plentiful. Here’s just a small sample:
    • First up is Dark Reel – I can’t help it; I’ll always check out a flick with Eddie Furlong in it.
    • Anthony Hickox impressed me with his Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (review) along with a lot of other genre fare over the years. If you’re a fan also, don’t overlook the trailer for his upcoming Knife Edge.
    • The worst poster of 2009 thus far has to be the latest one sheet for Outlander. Not that it detracts from my desire to see the film (especially after watching its most recent kickass trailer), but for Loki’s sake, give us a picture of a virile Viking or two, not the woodenly pensive Evil Caviezel.
    • Luckily we have two other posters that overshadow Outlander‘s by bringing on the sick: Dead Snow, which even got some play in the mainstream media thanks to its presence at Sundance, and Grace — nothing says motherly love like a baby bottle full o’ blood. And just because you’re all so cute, we’ve also got a teaser clip from Grace for you. Cootchie-cootchie-coo! *pinches everyone’s cheeks*
    • Calling your film by the same name as an abusive sexual practice is certain to generate attention for it. Whether or not the production is worthy of it is another matter. Watch our exclusive clip from Donkey Punch, and let us know what you think.
    • Lastly, I’ve mentioned Joe Dante’s The Hole (in 3D!) a few times as being on this year’s “must see” list, and my appetite was whetted even further by the behind-the-scenes videos we got ahold of a few days ago.
  • If you live in the Los Angeles area, two upcoming events should be of interest, although they do come from somewhat opposite ends of the horror spectrum. On February 3, 2009, is a DVD signing extravaganza for the His Name Was Jason documentary. Close to 30 individuals involved in the Friday the 13th franchise will be on-hand in Burbank at Dark Delicacies. If you are anywhere within driving distance, this is one get-together you don’t want to miss! Next is the Underworld auction being held February 7, 2009, at Premiere Props in El Segundo. Dread Central’s one of the sponsors, and proceeds benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Even if you can’t get there in person, you can still participate in the auction online. All the details can be found by clicking the above link.

  • How many more zom-coms can the genre handle before it’s totally over-saturated? Hopefully one more: Henry Selick’s Paranorman.
  • One thing it’s impossible to get too much of is the Foywonder’s special way with words. And he’s the proud author of the Woman’s Story of the Week: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus vs. Lorenzo Lamas vs. Debbie Gibson in 3D. C’mon — Do I even need to say any more? It’s fucking golden. We’ve got Lorenzo “You rocked in Falcon Crest” Lamas and Debbie “It’s Deborah now, asshole” Gibson in an Asylum flick about an enormous shark battling a gigantic octopus. IN 3D!! We have to wait until May to experience the epicness of it all, but rest assured neither Foy nor I will let you forget it’s coming!

    Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus vs. Lorenzo Lamas vs. Debbie Gibson in 3D

    Until next time …

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