Strangeland Sequel Moves

Strangeland sequel for real?Blabbermouth is reporting that Dee Snider’s long awaited sequel to his torture-epic Strangeland has been green lighted for production later this year.

Strangeland: Disciple will see Snider reprising the role of Internet psycho Captain Howdy and promises even more of the hard and nasty forced body mods and torture rituals that made the original film squirm-worthy. The film will supposedly have an NC-17 rating guaranteed, promising to top the antics of Captain Howdy’s first rampage.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard news about a Strangeland sequel, but this story has an added air of authenticity about it due to quotes from Snider and from production company Nehst Pictures, led by the former head of The Shooting Gallery, who produced the first movie

Here’s hoping this time the news is legit, as I think we all agree that more Captain Howdy is a good thing.

Mr. Dark

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  • Mr. Dark

    Doc Block: I’m a longtime fan of the film. Snider is right, and was right in the first place: facing death is not that scary to some people. Why should I be disturbed that some co-ed is going to get her head chopped off by hedgeclippers 10 seconds after the masked madman chasing her finally decides he’s tired of running? There’s no tension there, none of the elusive ‘dread’ that Clive Barker wrote so eloquently about.

    Captain Howdy doesn’t threaten death, he threatens pain. Potentially unending pain. Pain and loss, as his fetishes modify your body forever. You’ll be scarred and molded as you suffer, pierced and cut. Even if you do manage to escape, you’ll forever be marked by him and his work. He’s like Pinhead’s biggest fan, creating hell on earth for those who fall into his trap. That’s just plain disturbing as a concept, and executed very well on screen, I thought.

    The original movie is very much an origin story, so to end it there was a real disappointment. After the character arc of the original, I’m stoked to see what he cooks up for Captain Howdy 2.0.

    Mr. Dark
    Part-Time Dread Central Gaming Guy
    Full-Time Freelance Smartass

  • TsMkLg068426

    Yeah Doc Block it is worth checking out, I mean it is creepy movie and it was cool kind of cheesy at the same time. If your expecting some kind top notch movie I say don’t bother but if your looking to have fun and be and freaked out it is worth the rental. Hey Robert Englund is in the movie and that was cool.

  • Doc Block

    I still haven’t seen Strangeland. Is it worth checking out?

Mr. Dark

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