Summit Heads Discuss New Moon

Summit heads talk New MoonA recent interview by THR with Summit Entertainment’s Robert Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger revealed just a bit more about why the company is going with a new director for the Twilight sequel, “>New Moon, and what the overall plan is for it.

”If you look at Harry Potter.” explained Wachsberger, ”they change director every movie. The second book is slightly different. (There are) new characters and more visual effects. Catherine (Hardwicke) did a fantastic job (on Twilight), and there is a naturalistic feel to the movie that she created and we’re going to keep. The first movie was very good, and we hope the second movie (will) be even better.”

Yes, most fans of the book are hoping for the same. They also went on to confirm that, while Edward is primarily absent from the second book, he will be present in the film. Be interesting to see how they work that.

On a non-horror note (and I admit Twilight is just barely horror), they also told the trade that they have plans in place to reboot the Highlander franchise (groan) with a prequel to the first film (double groan). I wish I could say I was curious to see how that turns out…

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane