Lussier Talks Condition Dead, Headhunter!

Lussier talks Condition Dead!Man, I’m glad someone had the forethought to ask Patrick Lussier about the zombie project he’s been circling for a while now, Condition Dead, when chatting up “>My Bloody Valentine 3D. When this film happens, it’s going to kick horror fans squarely in the nuts and call them Martha, that’s how cool it is.

So it’s mentioned very briefly in a chat Lussier did with FearNet, in which he calls it ”Saving Private Ryan with zombies”. Not sure how much I like that comparison, as the last script draft I read was a helluva lot more fun than SPR, but it’ll do in a pinch. “It has a great cast of characters and some wonderful uber-zombies that are unkillable in the best way,” he told the site.

The script was penned by JoBlo writer Dave Davis, who is also working on the CD comic, due to hit shelves this year (we hope), and produced by Moviehole master Clint Morris, so how’s that for geek cred?

Lussier also mentioned a dream project he’s been hoping to get off the ground for a while now, an adaptation of Michael Slade’s Headhunter, which he calls ”an incredibly brutal murder mystery that takes place in two or three different time periods, all centered around the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Coming from Canada, that is a big thing – my grandfather was a Mountie. It is a project I would love to do. I would also love to do some big space epic – I guess that is back to that Star Wars thing.”

Hopefully MBV 3D kicks the box office ass it’s poised to kick this weekend and Lussier will be able to get on both films very soon! Don’t forget to give a listen to our own interview with the man “>right here!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane