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New Infestation Poster!

The sad truth is we still have no idea what the status is on Kyle Rankin’s follow-up to Battle of Shaker Heights, the giant bug movie Infestation, but when new key art for the film shows up online that’s usually a good sign.

Infestation Online

Giant bugs have taken over the world. Only a ragtag group of survivors are left to save the world, or at the very least get someplace safe. It doesn't hurt that our hero happens to join up with a very attractive young woman. Isn't that always the way at the end of the world?

*UPDATED!* Rankin Gets Infested

**UPDATED: Full plot details revealed!** In a spot buried in a Variety story about a new comedy project, we just learned what the next feature project for Project Greenlight winner and Hell Holes star/co-creator Kyle Rankin will be.