New Zealand

Wound Trailer Hits and Promises to Warp

It's not often a trailer drops and makes us speechless. However, the trailer for the new film Wound certainly hits the mark. After all, it's not often that a trailer includes female face masks, throat slitting, BDSM and pig masks (all with a trippy soundtrack).

New Zealand's Hell Pizza Launches Interactive Zombie Movie Adventure

Our readers know us so well. Here at Dread Central we love pizza, and we love zombies. So when "Mike" sent us info about New Zealand's Hell Pizza's new interactive YouTube zombie adventure, of course we were all eyes and ears!

New Zealand & South Korea Team for Soul Mate

Does anyone out there remember a little New Zealand horror film called The Ugly? It was one of those low-key flicks that came around direct to DVD here in the States just over a decade ago and got a good amount of buzz for its time. Well, if you have fond memories of it, The Ugly’s director, Scott Reynolds, is getting ready to make his first film since 2001, which also happens to be the first in a new South Korea/New Zealand co-production treaty.