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First Details - Chain Letter Rattling Its Way Home

Did you miss Deon Taylor's Chain Letter (review here) during its theatrical run? No worries the first details for the flick's home video release have just rolled in and we have 'em for ya here!

Violent New Chain Letter Stills

Deon Taylor's Chain Letter (review here) is one of the four films that will be kicking some horror lovin' ass this weekend at the box office and we've got a bevy of new stills for you to get you in the spirit of things!

Second Chain Letter Teaser Suggests You Pass it On .... Or Else!

Going head up with both Let Me In and Hatchet II on October 1st will be the Deon Taylor slasher flick, Chain Letter, and earlier the second teaser for it came our way via viral e-mail. Check it out and if you value your life ... pass it on!