New Beverly Cinema

Get Ready for the Boobs and Blood Festival

Boobs and blood are two things I enjoy, so it only seems natural to combine them both into one hell of a movie festival. And you gotta love the title - you can't say you don't know what you're in for. Right?

Want to Spend an Evening With Adam Green?

Of course you do! I mean, who doesn't really? And if you're in the Los Angeles area, you may want to take note of a groovy little Adam Green double feature that the New Beverly Cinema has got planned.

Terror Train Screening For You Lucky California Residents

If there's one thing that continuously tempts me to pack my bags and relocate to the West Coast, it's the New Beverly Cinema and their endless revival of classic horror films. I suppose not shoveling six inches of snow every other goddamn day would be a plus as well, but really, it's all about slasher movies.

See Dr. Giggles at LA's New Beverly with the Good Doctor Himself!

Our friends over at Horror Movie a Day, in association with Phil Blankenship and Amoeba Music, are re-implementing midnight screenings of some of their favorite flicks at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, and on tap for this weekend (Saturday, December 12th to be exact) is the one, the only, Dr. Giggles.