Neve Campbell

Scream 4 Soundbites: Hayden Panettiere, Anthony Anderson, Brittany Robertson

Next up in Part 3 of our Scream 4 soundbites video clip series from the cast and director Wes Craven is more new blood from the Scream family - Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes"), Anthony Anderson ("Law & Order"), and Brittany Robertson ("Life Unexpected", The CW's upcoming "The Secret Circle") round out the newbies portion of our behind-the-scenes look.

Scream 4 Soundbites: Emma Roberts, Adam Brody, Alison Brie

In Part 2 of our series of soundbites from the cast and crew of Scream 4, we focus on three people who are new to the franchise - Emma Roberts (daughter of Eric), Adam Brody ("The OC") and Alison Brie! Dig in for some insight into their latest tango with Ghostface and Wes Craven.

Latest Scream 4 Image Showcases More Victims for Ghostface

Another image has made its way online courtesy of Dimension films for Scream 4 and we have every pixel of it right here for you. Nothing too exciting but by the looks on their faces hopefully something gooey is about to happen.

Wes Craven, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette Talk Scream 4

It’s been almost 11 years since Ghostface was slicing and dicing on the big screen, but now he’s back with some old friends, a fresh set of victims to play with and a brand new set of rules to play by in Wes Craven’s latest genre effort, Scream 4, which hits theaters on April 15th.

Scream 4 Soundbites: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox

It has been around 15 years since Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson revitalized the slasher subgenre with a little movie called Scream, and with the next chapter in that series coming out soon, we are bringing you a series of soundbites from the cast and crew of Scream 4.

New Scream 4 Clip Brings on the Spoilers

Well ... not major spoilers but spoilers nonetheless. Through the power of bootlegging an eagle-eyed fan captured a new clip from Scream 4 from MTV and immediately uploaded it to YouTube. Watch it at your own risk!

Blu-ray Review - The Original Scream Trilogy

With the original Scream trilogy ready to make its home video debut on Blu-ray, we took the discs to task and have brought forth a verdict for you. Is it worth it? How does it look? Is there anything new? Find out by reading on! From the Press Release

More Scream 4 Images Show a Lot of Frightened Faces; Soundtrack Available April 12

It just wouldn't be a complete news day without at least one Scream 4 story, now would it? What do you expect? The flick is right around the corner, and anticipation is running wild! Along with four new photos we have the full track listing for the soundtrack, which will be available April 12th, 2011. Dig into the new goodies below.

Scream Trilogy (Blu-ray)

Starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Liev Schreiber Directed by Wes Craven

Pull Up a Seat for the Scream 4 Press Conference

Man, the Internet sure has changed everything. Now, instead of just getting the news from media outlets, you're about to get a front row seat to the press conference for one of the biggest horror releases of the year, Scream 4.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Scream 4

So here's the tally so far. This morning we brought you the first three clips from Wes Craven's Scream 4, and now? How does around twenty minutes of behind-the-scenes footage of GhostFace and more sound to you? Yeah, we figured you like that! Dig it!

Scream 4 - The First Three Clips are HERE Along with Another New Still

Oh, happy day. You've waited patiently, and now they're finally here. The first three clips from the highly anticipated Wes Craven film Scream 4. As you'll see, that vibe that so many fans of the franchise love is perfectly intact. Plus we even have a new image of GhostFace! How's that for sweet?

Scream 4 - New Still and TV Spot

Hello, GhostFace. Man, it's been a long time. What have you been up to? Really? Sounds cool. Good to see that your knife is as bloody as ever. Happy stabbing! Oh, and before you go make sure you check out the new TV spot. M'kay? Thanks!

Scream 4 - Sheriff Dewey Shootin' Up the Screen

Not even four hours later, and already there's another new image from Scream 4 to show you guys, this one featuring everyone's favorite bumbling lawman looking to shoot to kill!

GhostFace Has a Bit of Red on Him in Latest Scream 4 Image

Another day, another image from Scream 4. Though this one is our favorite by far. Looks as if old GhostFace has been gettin' down and dirty in terms of killing.