Netherbeast Incorporated

Netherbeast Incorporated (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Darrell Hammond, Jason Mewes, Dave Foley, Judd Nelson, Amy Davidson Directed by Dean Ronalds Distributed by Well Go USA

DVD Releases: The Netherbeast Alphabet

Some long-awaited titles finally hit DVD this Tuesday, January 6th, 2009. Now we just have to hope they were worth waiting for...

Art & Specs for Netherbeast Incorporated DVD!

Though we showed you guys a new and improved poster for Netherbeast Incorporated not too long ago, the film’s DVD distributors, Well Go USA, decided to go with the older art for the DVD cover. I guess we can’t really complain, though, cause at least this much-loved horror/comedy is finally making its way home soon.

Final Films for Toronto After Dark

Those brilliant bastards behind the Toronto After Dark Film Festival just announced a few last-minute additions to their already stellar lineup of films for the 2008 event, which goes down this October 17th-24h.

Netherbeast Announces Limited Theatrical Run!

Here’s the latest scoop from the desk of Brian Ronalds at the offices of Netherbeast Incorporated.

Netherbeast Incorporated

 Year  Country
  • Year: 2007
  • Country: USA
  •  Run Time   MPAA Rating
     Category  Color
  • Category: Feature
  • Color type: Color
  •  Director
  • Writer: Bruce Dellis
  •  Starring
     Sub Genre
  • Sub Genre: Vampires
  •  Keywords
  • Themes: Comedy
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    Plot Synopsis:

    Netherbeast is a quirky twist on the vampire tale, set in modern day corporate America. Employees of Netherbeast have kept the family secret for years. It's business as usual until the top vampire in charge contracts a dreaded disease and invites the first humans to the office in more than a century. Employees soon discover some of their associates are not what they appear to be -- especially the dead one in the cubicle with a wooden stake through his heart.

  • Netherbeast Incorporated (DVD)
  • Netherbeast Incorporated (2007)

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  • Ronalds Brothers (Netherbeast, Incorporated)

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    DVD Releases: The Netherbeast Alphabet
    Art & Specs for Netherbeast Incorporated DVD!
    Final Films for Toronto After Dark
    Netherbeast Announces Limited Theatrical Run!
    Event Report: Eerie Horror Film Festival 2007



    Event Report: Eerie Horror Film Festival 2007

    As the doors closed at the Erie Playhouse late Sunday night, it marked the end of the Eerie Horror Film Festival’s fourth and most successful year to date. Groups of friends, old and new, gathered in huddles exchanging emotional goodbyes and promises of next year’s event. For those of us who were involved in the inner workings of the fest, the locking of the doors behind us was bittersweet.

    Netherbeast Incorporated (2007)

    Starring Darrel Hammond, Steve Burns, Dave Foley, Amy Davidson, Jason Mewes, Robert Wagner, Judd Nelson Directed by Dean Ronalds

    Ronalds Brothers (Netherbeast, Incorporated)

    The guys at Ronalds Brothers Productions and I just had a great conversation about their film