The Nest

David Cronenberg's New NSFW Short Film The Nest Online for a Limited Time

Here's something special for you kids, and the only hitch is that you have just a limited time to take advantage of it. David Cronenberg's new body horror short film The Nest is online now courtesy of the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam!

Scream Factory Travels to Both Death Valley and The Island This December

I'll just say it, and without a trace of hyperbole: Scream Factory is the most exciting thing to happen to horror fans in the high definition age. Beautiful presentations, inclusion of original poster art and delightful special features have made their releases absolute must owns.

More Updates from Scream Factory: Blu-ray Artwork for The Nest & Deadly Blessing; Prison Announced for 2013

Over the last couple of days The Scream Factory's Facebook page has been revealing the artwork for their upcoming Blu-rays of The Nest and Deadly Blessing. In addition, today being Friday, they also announced another new release for us to look forward to: 1988's Prison.

Scream Factory Bringing The Nest and TerrorVision Home in Style

Oh, happy day! The Scream Factory has announced yet another two hard to find horror flicks via their Facebook page. Allow us to take a moment to make a formal request for Cellar Dwellar. We'll be your best friend. Please?

Big Flesh-Eating Bees Swarm in the Horror Short The Nest

Usually when you think about death by killer bees, you envision people getting stung to death. In the atmospheric horror short The Nest, a rancher must fight to survive when a swarm of over-sized flesh-eating bees escape from a beekeeper who depends on their honey to keep her diner in business. Man-eating bees might sound like the premise for a Syfy flick, but judging by the trailer, this short is creepier and more atmospheric than you would expect.