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More Behind the Scenes of Coraline

The lucky bastards over at IGN got a chance to visit the set of Henry Selick’s upcoming 3D stop motion animation feature Coraline, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, and returned with some pretty impressive images.

Behind the Scenes of Coraline

Henry Selick’s upcoming stop-motion animated version of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is probably one of my most anticipated films of the next few years. We’ve been reporting on it for seemingly years now, so the fact that it’s finally being made is fantastic.

SDCC 08: First Look at Coraline Figures!

Continuing to show off all NECA has to offer at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Nomad ran across their display of puppets from the upcoming stop-motion animated film Coraline, based on the book by Neil Gaiman. These aren't the figures NECA will make, but the actual puppets used in the actual film. Very cool! Apparently he went a little insane with the images this time, so there’s a lot to sift through. Enjoy!

Selick and Gaiman's Coraline Trailer

Director Henry Selick is bringing Neil Gaiman's Coraline (script review) to the big screen and in stop-motion! The Nightmare Before Christmas director is certainly showing that he can still create spooky and fluid animated features as we saw in the pic's new trailer. Coraline is looking to bring us something that should please horror fans in 2009.

Gilliam Talks Good Omens!

There are some books out there that I don’t feel should ever be attempted to be adapted for films; The Dark Tower series is one I’ve always been afraid of being tainted. But then there are the books that simply beg to be translated to the big screen, and the Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett masterpiece Good Omens is one of them.

New Director for Neverwhere?

So Stardust opened this past weekend and, despite having every reason to look like it would do well in this post-Harry Potter/Chronicles of Narnia world, it was only able to pull in about $9 million. That’s not a lot, but hopefully word will spread and more will get out to see it, cause I would hate for it to have a negative impact on other Neil Gaiman-penned projects.

Coraline Ready to Roll

How odd is it that I was just thinking about the long-discussed adaptation off Neil Gaiman’s fantastic children’s book, Coraline (get the book through Evilshop), and all of a su

Coraline (Script)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Written by Henry Selick 2nd rewrite: May 8, 2002 Something that's proven to be exceedingly difficult for screenwriters over the years is to take elements from a book that is really well-loved by it's fans and be able to translate them into a script in a way that makes sense. So many authors delve into deep description when they play out a scene in a novel, and to make that come alive in screen can be a pain.