NECA - A Good Look at Their Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Figure and Freddy's Dream House

You know what's cool? When it comes to movie franchises the toy world knows what's badass and what's not. For instance ... NECA Toys is still pumping out A Nightmare on Elm Street figures using Robert Englund's likeness and not the recent Jackie Earle Haley meatball head from the pitiful remake.

Toy Fair 2011: The Hunt is On with New Predators Figures from NECA

The predator franchise was put back on track with Nimrod Antal's latest entry entitled simply Predators, and the good folks over at NECA are taking full advantage of the interplanetary hunter's return to form by doling out a new line of highly detailed figured from all three of the films.

Toy Fair 2011: The Gremlins Attack

The Mogwai must be kept away from bright light, never made wet and never, ever be fed after midnight. Not so sure if those rules apply to NECA's new plastic renditions of these adorably evil creatures but they're so lifelike they just might!

Toy Fair 2011: NECA'S Best Freddy Figures EVER!

There have been many, and we mean many figures based upon the sleep-time boogeyman, Freddy Krueger. But we can guarantee you these are the damned best we've ever seen! Welcome back oh bastard son!

NECA Bringing Two Versions of Ghostface Figures Based on Scream 4

NECA Toys has long been one of the best outfits around in terms of doling out the most badass horror collectibles to be found anywhere. Our walls are already adorned with their stuff but it looks as if we're gonna have to make a little more room for these new Scream 4 figures!

An Early Look at NECA's Zombie Ghostface Figure

As mentioned previously, NECA's new line of Ghostface figures that are set for release just ahead of the new Scream 4 includes a zombie version, and today we have an early look at the guy.

NECA Offers First Look at New Predators Figures Including the 1/4 Scale!

Now that Predators has (for the most part) gotten the Predator franchise back on the right track, everyone's favorite intergalactic hunter is enjoying some much needed time in the spotlight, especially as far as horror collectibles go.

NECA Reveals New 7-Inch Ghostface Figure

In honor of the original Scream, which opened 14 years ago today, NECA has provided our first look at their new 7-inch Ghostface action figure. NECA's currently running a holiday media blitz on Twitter so be sure to follow @NECA_TOYS. Here's how they describe the new Ghostface:

First Look: NECA's Mind Blowing Quarter Scale Classic Predator Figure

Have a Predator fan on your holiday season shopping list? Then holy shit are we about to show you something guaranteed to get them drooling! Oh, NECA! You've done it again! As Per Nomad's Idle Hands Blog:

Two Ghostface Figures on the Way from NECA: Classic and Zombie!

From Idle Hands, our man Nomad's home away from home, comes word that as Scream 4 prepares to hit theaters, NECA wants to make sure you've got a little 7-inch Ghostface in hand at the theater on opening night. And you'll have two different models to choose from.

First Look: NECA's New Predators Figures!

Remember a few weeks ago NECA teased their new Predators action figures with an image of three silhouetted hunters? Well it's time to fill in the damned blanks with a boatload of plastic badassery!

NECA's Latest Exorcist Collectible Will Have Your Head Spinning

Now here is something we've been waiting for FOREVER! A deluxe collectible from The Exorcist featuring little Reagan strapped to her bed and thoroughly possessed. Pretty cool, no? But wait .... there's more!

NECA Gives Us a Better Look at Freddy's Glove From A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

What would Jason be without his machete? Michael without his butcher knife? Pinhead without his numerous implements of torture? Probably okay, but Freddy? He just wouldn't be the same without his trademark glove!

NECA's New Freddy Figure All Fired Up

NECA Toys is known for making its collectibles as realistic and detailed as possible. So with a new line of Freddy figures coming soon to celebrate Samuel Bayer's A Nightmare on Elm Street remake for Platinum Dunes, the question beckons ... what little parts will they be coming with that could be harmful to small children if chewed or swallowed?

Toy Fair 2010: NECA's Nightmare on Elm Street

Nomad just reported in with a slew of new A Nightmare on Elm Street goodies for you guys to ummm ... sink your claws into! As well as figures based upon the new Platinum Dunes remake that's looming on the horizon, NECA is also paying its respect to the original franchise with a new and exciting collectible that makes us wonder how no one ever thought to do it before!