Neatorama Has Time for the Dead on the Run

Picture if you will sitting in your room watching the seconds tick away. The zombie apocalypse is right around the corner, and every moment could be your last! At such a crucial and intense time in your life, you can now breathe a little easier thanks to Neatorama!

Neatorama Continues to Keep the Dead Busy!

The lovable loonies at Neatorama have successfully found ways to keep the undead walkers functioning members of society, and they're back with some new and practical uses for the living dead! Check 'em out!

Neatorama Finds Even More Practical Uses for the Dead

Call us crazy, but when our loved ones pass on, it just doesn't seem practical to bury them. Especially when they're just going to crawl out of their maggot tombs to shamble across the Earth looking for fresh meat to eat. Good thing for us the lovable loonies at Neatorama have some ideas to make the walkers functioning members of society once again.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Badass Zombie Pencil Holder from the Neatoshop!

We've been fawning over the new line of zombie themed products over at the Neatoshop since they were unveiled last week. They're so cool in fact that we've secured an official zombie pencil holder to give away to one lucky winner.

Zombies Lending More of a Helping Hand... and Heart and Head!

If you're unfamiliar with the Neatoshop, then you are missing out on some of the finest and most humorous dead things this side of the graveyard! The lovable sickos are back with even more things to do with the dead. After all, just because you croak doesn't mean you cannot remain useful!

Zombies Lend a Hand to Keep Your Wine Fresh!

The lovable sickos over at Neatorama are once again putting the dead to work with this handy little household helper ... the Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper! Believe us ... you NEED this!

Put Your Dead to Work!

In our never-ending quest to bring you all that is cool in the world of horror, we've come across a new series of collectibles that you guys MUST take some time to dig upon! Trust us ... you need these cold dead things!