Neal Moritz

Scribe Darren Lemke Closing a Deal with Columbia Pictures for Goosebumps Adaptation

A live-action feature adaptation of the R.L. Stine book series Goosebumps has been kicking around Columbia Pictures for months (if not years), and the last we heard Carl Ellsworth (co-writer of Red Dawn and Disturbia) had come aboard to write the screenplay. But things have changed, and now Darren Lemke (Jack the Giant Killer) is starting over from Page One.

Producer Neal Moritz Talks Escape from New York, Preacher, and Man-Witch

Sometimes movies we're really looking forward to end up being tied up for what feels like forever. Three projects that have been floating around for a while now coming from producer Neal Moritz - the Escape from New York remake, the comic adaptation Preacher, and the horror comedy Man-Witch - are perfect examples of the unfortunate agonizing waits that we as fans must endure.

Liebesman to Helm Battle: Los Angeles

The man who made the jump from Darkness Falls to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Jonathan Liebesman, is now prepping to make yet another leap up the Hollywood ladder with the sci-fi/action pic called Battle: Los Angeles according to THR this morning.

Battle for Los Angeles

It's been a while since a studio's really gotten behind an alien invasion film (Cloverfield doesn’t count since it was JJ Abrams and we have no idea where it came from), but The Hollywood Reporter got word this morning of a script called Battle: Los Angeles that Columbia has optioned.