Dracula Videos: Ep. 1.04 - From Darkness to Light - Unearthed; Sneak Peek of Ep. 1.05 - The Devil's Waltz

We have to wait until the night after Thanksgiving to be swept off our feet by "The Devil's Waltz," but meanwhile here's a preview of Ep. 1.05 of "Dracula" plus an "Unearthed" look at last night's Ep. 1.04, "From Darkness to Light."

Twirl Around the Dance Floor with These Images from Dracula Episode 1.05 - The Devil's Waltz

It looks like NBC decided they were giving away too much information with the ridiculously huge image galleries they've been providing for "Dracula," as evidenced by the reduced size of this one for Episode 1.05, "The Devil's Waltz."

A Fresh Batch of Images from Grimm Episode 3.05 - El Cucuy

"Grimm" has a week off so NBC can air its "JFK 50th Anniversary Special" on November 22nd, but it'll be back on the 29th with Episode 3.05, "El Cucuy," in which a vigilante stalks Portland. Check out a batch of stills and look for a preview soon.

Mina Makes a Startling Discovery in this Clip from Dracula Episode 1.04 - From Darkness to Light

Another clip has arrived from tonight's Episode 1.04 of "Dracula," entitled "From Darkness to Light," but this one comes with a bonus: series co-star Thomas Kretschmann and exec producer Tony Krantz discussing how med student Mina’s interest in blood mirrors Van Helsing’s avant garde experiments.

Another Sneak Peek of Dracula Episode 1.04 - From Darkness to Light

A new clip from tomorrow night's Episode 1.04 of "Dracula," entitled "From Darkness to Light," has arrived. Check out "Stakes on a Train," in which Lady Jayne (Victoria Smurfit) takes on two vampire on a moving train.

Grimm Casting News: Dee Wallace and Chris Mulkey Sign on as Monroe's Parents

We learned earlier this year that we'd be meeting Monroe's parents on a future episode of "Grimm," and now word has come that a couple of genre vets have signed on to play the parts. Read on for the details.

Want More Goodies for NBC's Dracula? Watch Van Helsing's Lost Tapes!

While we are enjoying Jonathan Rhys Meyers' portrayal of "Dracula" (minus his annoying American accent), hands down our favorite character is Thomas Kretschmann's Van Helsing. If you've been wanting to know more about him, check out this three-part series of "Van Helsing's Lost Tapes."

Share a MonRosalee Moment in this Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 3.04 - One Night Stand

Last week Monroe asked Rosalee to move in with him, and on Friday they begin the process of combining their belongings and their lives. Do things go smoothly? Of course not - this is "Grimm" we're talking about! Check out a sneak peek of Episode 3.04, "One Night Stand."

Go Behind the Scenes of NBC's Dracula - More on Van Helsing's Hammer & Lady Jayne's Dojo

We're still not completely sold on NBC's "Dracula," but we are having some fun with it. If you are, too, join us in these behind-the-scenes looks at "Van Helsing's Hammer" and "Lady Jayne's Dojo."

A Preview Finally Swims in for Grimm Episode 3.04 - One Night Stand

NBC was a bit slow in releasing a preview of this coming Friday night's Episode 3.04 of "Grimm," entitled "One Night Stand," but it's finally here, and of course we're happy to share - just bring your own protection, please!

Dracula Videos: Ep. 1.03 - Goblin Merchant Men - Unearthed; Sneak Peek of Ep. 1.04 - From Darkness to Light

"Dracula" looks to be ramping up both the drama and the danger in next week's Ep. 1.04, "From Darkness to Light"; we have the preview plus an "Unearthed" look at Ep. 103, "Goblin Merchant Men."

Go From Darkness to Light with this Image Gallery for Dracula Episode 1.04

Are you sticking with NBC's "Dracula"? After watching the first three episodes, we're on board for the duration. If you are, too, check out another huge image gallery for next week's Episode 1.04 - "From Darkness to Light."

Hit the Beach with These Stills from Grimm Episode 3.04 - One Night Stand

Getting too cozy with a certain type of water-bound Wesen has deadly consequences in next week's Episode 3.04 of "Grimm," entitled "One Night Stand." Here are some images from the ep, in which our regulars hit the beach to investigate.

It's Grayson to the Rescue in this New Clip from Dracula Episode 1.03 - Goblin Merchant Men

Sure, "Dracula" Episode 1.03, "Goblin Merchant Men," airs in just a few hours, but that's not stopping NBC from releasing a new clip to remind you to tune in! In it Grayson shares an honest conversation with Mina after rescuing her from a ruffian at a party.

You're Condemned to Watch this Sneak Peek of Dracula Episode 1.03 - Goblin Merchant Men

A clip has arrived for tomorrow night's Episode 1.03 of NBC's "Dracula," the intriguingly titled "Goblin Merchant Men," and of course we have it for you right here. Learn more about the reasons Vlad Tepes has to exact his revenge on The Order.