First Look at Zoe Saldana in Rosemary's Baby

Entertainment Weekly got the first official stills from NBC's reimagined "Rosemary's Baby," and through the magic of the Internet and with the help of some Satanist neighbors hellbent on bringing forth the Antichrist, we have 'em for you right here!

Unearth a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 3.15 - Once We Were Gods

Nick hits a brick wall while trying to deal with an archaeologist who has unearthed what may be the most important scientific discovery in human history in this clip from "Grimm" Episode 3.15, "Once We Were Gods."

David S. Goyer Reveals Constantine TV Pilot Details

NBC's small screen adaptation of the comic series based on the Alan Moore-created character John Constantine finds its way in front of cameras next week, with the pilot episode being filmed. Perfect time to catch up with writer/producer David S. Goyer and talk about the show? You bet!

Official Synopsis Arrives for Grimm Episode 3.16 with Guest Star Sam Witwer - The Show Must Go On

Back in late January we got word that "Being Human's" Sam Witwer is guest starring on "Grimm" this season, and now we have the full synopsis of the episode in which he'll appear, #3.16, entitled "The Show Must Go On," airing on March 21st.

Synopsis Revealed for Eddie Izzard's Return to Hannibal in Episode 2.05 - Mukozuke

Yes, we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit, but if you're as a big an Eddie Izzard fan as we are and don't mind a few spoilers, here's the official synopsis of "Hannibal" Episode 2.05, entitled "Mukozuke," in which Dr. Gideon returns.

Grimm Q&A: Reggie Lee Talks Sgt. Wu's Future, His Love Life, the Royal Baby, and More

Sgt. Wu is one of the few characters on "Grimm" unaware that Wesen exist. This past Friday he got the shock of his life when his friend's unborn baby was almost eaten by one. Actor Reggie Lee sat down for a Q&A about where that leaves him now.

It's Chaos in this Promo and New Images from Grimm Episode 3.15 - Once We Were Gods

Much like the Men of Letters injected new life into "Supernatural," so too has the Wesen Council added some spice to "Grimm." They return in next week's Episode 3.15, "Once We Were Gods," and here's a sneak peek via some stills and a preview.

Play a Game with These Stills and Preview of Hannibal Episode 2.03 - Hassun

Serious doubts are raised about the case against Will in next week's Episode 2.03 of "Hannibal," entitled "Hassun." Have a look at some new images and a preview of the ep for clues about where things are going from here.

Constantine Series Casts Up With Faces From True Blood, True Detective, and Lost

Some quick casting news has arrived for NBC's "Constantine" series as The Wrap is reporting that Harold Perrineau (“Lost”), Lucy Griffiths (“True Blood”), and Charles Halford (“True Detective”) have joined the graphic novel pilot.

Embrace the Madness with this New Hannibal Promo Poster

Wanting to be sure that everyone has embraced the madness of "Hannibal," NBC has released a new promo poster as a reminder that the "next course" (i.e., Episode 2.02, "Sakizuki") is arriving on Friday. Check it out, and let us know what you think of the new season so far.

Drink in These New Images from Hannibal Episode 2.02 - Sakizuki

So, is everyone caught up on "Hannibal" now? The first episode of Season 2 did not disappoint, and it looks like our journey this year is going to have a very sad ending for Jack. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; first we have Episode 2.02, "Sakizuki," to get through! Check out some stills.

Grimm Creature Profile: Meet the Wildesheer and Win His Coat!

On last Friday night's episode of "Grimm," Nick and Monroe faced the Wildesheer, a vicious, ritualistic Wesen who targets strong, formidable opponents and takes trophy scalps from its victims. Check out a profile of the creature along with info on how you could win his coat.

New Stills and First Promo for Grimm Episode 3.14 - Mommy Dearest - Bring Out the Beast

Actually, these images from "Grimm" Episode 3.14, "Mommy Dearest," don't bring much of anything other than our stars looking pensive, but the preview... well, let's just say motherhood looks beastly indeed!

You've Never Seen Anything Like this Preview of Hannibal Episode 2.02 - Sakizuki

We won't say anything about last night's season premiere of "Hannibal" to avoid spoilers for those of you who DVR'd it (except "Wow!"), but if you're caught up and ready to look ahead, here's a preview of Episode 2.02, "Sakizuki."

Worlds Collide in this Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 3.13 - Revelation

We've been giving "Hannibal" all the love lately, but before its Season 2 premiere tomorrow night, another favorite of ours, "Grimm," returns with Episode 3.13, "Revelation." Here's a clip in which Monroe's parents just can't seem to run out of things to be upset about.