Even More on The Munsters Redux

Interested in every nook and cranny of NBC's redux of the classic television series "The Munsters"? Then saddle up, kids, as we've got a quick trip to Spoilerville for you all to embark upon. And off we go ...

Synopsis for Grimm Episode 1.09 - Of Mouse and Man

NBC's new series "Grimm" is on holiday hiatus until Friday, January 6th, but in the meantime we have a brief synopsis of upcoming Episode 1.09, "Of Mouse and Man". While we've enjoyed several of the series' episodes so far, they really need to tighten things up a bit as we're finding the show to be quite uneven thus far.

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 1.07 - Let Your Hair Down

NBC has provided fans of its fledgling series "Grimm" with a new clip from this Friday night's episode, entitled "Let Your Hair Down", in which new clues revive an old case. Check it out, and be sure to tune in if you like what you see!

A Preview of Grimm Episode 1.07 - Let Your Hair Down

After a great start, the NBC series "Grimm" hit a little bump in the road with its fifth episode, but this past Friday night's installment saw the show return to form (thanks largely to the focus on Monroe's character). Here's hoping the upcoming Episode 1.07, "Let Your Hair Down", in which the tale of Rapunzel gets a "Grimm" spin, continues the trend.

A Couple of Previews of Tonight's Episode of Grimm - The Three Bad Wolves

NBC shook things up a bit this week by scheduling an extra installment of "Grimm" last night, but sadly, it was one of the weakest eps we've seen thus far. Hopefully the show will get back on track tonight with "The Three Bad Wolves". While we wait to find out if it does, check out this pair of promo videos for the episode featuring our favorite Blutbad, Monroe.

Video Previews and Interviews for the Next Two Episodes of Grimm - Danse Macabre and The Three Bad Wolves

Now that we're closing in on NBC's big two-night event showcasing "Grimm"'s return this week on Thursday, December 8th, and Friday, December 9th, the network has released a few new promo videos and interviews for the upcoming "Danse Macabre" and "The Three Bad Wolves" episodes. Check 'em out, and be sure to tune in!

More on The Munsters Redux

And the news surrounding NBC's redux of the classic television series "The Munsters" continues to be more compelling by the day. Character and plot details have come to light that will have you scratching your head for sure.

Bryan Singer Gets Behind Munsters Redux

Some really interesting news coming in for the television remake of the classic show "The Munsters". A big name director is getting behind the project guns blazing, and we have to admit we've never been more curious. Read on for the skinny.

Brief Synopses of the Next Two Episodes of Grimm

We still have a little over a week to wait until the next episode of "Grimm" airs on NBC, but as a reward for our patience the network will be showing two eps in a row on Thursday, December 8th, and Friday, December 9th, entitled "Danse Macabre" and "The Three Bad Wolves", respectively. Read on for brief synopses of each.

NBC Gives Grimm a Full Season Order

We have some good news for fans of the new NBC series "Grimm". The network has ordered up a full season of the show, and that's not all. They're also giving it a test run in the Thursday night, 10:00 PM slot. Read on for all the details.

Amy Acker to Guest Star on NBC's Grimm in the New Year

NBC's freshman series "Grimm" just got a whole lot more interesting with the news that Amy Acker ("Angel", "Dollhouse") will be guest starring in an upcoming 2012 episode as a character known as the Black Widow.

Previews of This Week's Episode of Grimm - Lonelyhearts

Ready to meet a man that women seem to be unable to say "no" to? Then you'll want to check out this week's episode of "Grimm" on NBC, entitled "Lonelyhearts". We have a preview and four clips from the ep to whet your appetite.

It's Official! NBC Bringing Back The Munsters

The time for talking is over. We've been following the proposed reboot of "The Munsters" for a while now, and today the once proud as a peacock network has made it official. We know, you're bursting with excitement, right?

A Look at Guest Star Nana Visitor from Tonight's Episode of Grimm - Beeware

Earlier this week we provided several clips and previews from the November 11th episode of "Grimm" on NBC, entitled "Beeware", but one thing missing was a good look at the actual monster of the piece, and we have that for you today. Take a peek at guest star Nana Visitor as The Mellischwuler.

Previews for This Week's Episode of Grimm; Synopses of Beeware and Lonelyhearts

So, have you checked out "Grimm" on NBC yet? Two episodes in, we're liking it pretty well and are looking forward to seeing which fairy tales the show's creators deconstruct next. Along those lines, we have synopses to share of the next two episodes - "Beeware" and "Lonelyhearts" - along with a few sneak peeks of "Beeware" courtesy of NBC.