Daniel Knauf's Dracula Finds His Mina

We are still as giddy as schoolgirls regarding the news that the creator of "Carnivale" is bringing the world a new series about "Dracula." The possibilities are endless, we tell ya! In any event more casting news has hit the interwebs.

Lance Henriksen Heads Back to TV to Face Hannibal

Good news for fans of Lance Henriksen as TVLine is reporting that he has been tapped to guest star in an episode of NBC’s Bryan Fuller-produced drama "Hannibal" in a "top secret role" which may or may not have him on the menu!

Celebrate Nick and Monroe's Bromance with this New Grimm Video

While the wait for the return of "Grimm" drags on, NBC has released a new video highlighting the "bromance" between Nick and Monroe. These two have a relationship so unconventional, it had to be fate. It's not every day you come across a Blutbad who's best friends with a Grimm!

New Image From Hannibal to Chew On

On tap for you fans of everything that goes well with fava beans and a fine Chianti is a new promotional image from Bryan Fuller’s NBC serial killer thriller “Hannibal." The table is set! Sit down and dig in!

Another Preview of Do No Harm and More Details on James Cromwell's Role

With its January 31st premiere date looming, NBC's "Do No Harm" has released another new promo video, and to go along with it, we have additional info on the character James Cromwell ("American Horror Story: Asylum") will be portraying on the show.

A Much Longer Sneak Peek of What to Expect When Grimm Returns in March

A much longer look at what's in store for "Grimm" fans during the second half of the show's sophomore season (which includes a pretty great recap as well) has come in along with TV Guide's list of five things we should know before the series returns with Episode 2.13 on March 8th.

TCA: A Few Tidbits from NBC on the Upcoming Hannibal and the Returning Grimm

More news has come out of the ongoing Television Critics Association winter previews from NBC, including when we might finally be able to see "Hannibal," how the producers of "Grimm" are dealing with the "curse" typically associated with airing a series on Friday night, and more.

TCA: NBC Still Kicking Around The Munsters

Oh, NBC, you're so fickle. Not happy with Bryan Fuller's way better than expected take on the classic television series "The Munsters" known as "Mockingbird Lane," the peacock may not be done with horror's first family yet.

Mockingbird Lane Officially Closes its Doors

Ever since NBC aired its reinvention of "The Munsters," "Mockingbird Lane," as a Halloween special instead of a series, we've all been wondering if the network would decide to give the show a regular spin. Today the answer has come.

'He Becomes Me' in New Promo for NBC's Do No Harm

With NBC set to premiere the new series "Do No Harm" in just a little over a month, the network has released another promo, this one entitled "He Becomes Me," in which the show's star, Steven Pasquale, describes how his alter-ego Ian Price takes over in true Jekyll and Hyde fashion. Check it out!

A Second Promo Checks In for NBC's Do No Harm

NBC's Jekyll and Hyde themed new series "Do No Harm" arrives on January 31st, and we have a look at the second promo for the show released by the network.

Gillian Anderson Hungry for Hannibal

More casting news for "Hannibal" has come in as EW is reporting that sci-fi fan favorite Gillian Anderson of “X-Files” fame is set to join Bryan Fuller’s NBC serial killer thriller “Hannibal." Read on to find out just what she'll be doing.

James Cromwell Moving from American Horror Story: Asylum to Do No Harm

James Cromwell has been utterly despicable in "American Horror Story: Asylum," and we love him for it. Now that he's signed on as a guest star in NBC's upcoming "Do No Harm," we have to wonder if he'll be turning back into the nice guy we usually see him portray.

New Promo for NBC's Premiere of Do No Harm

With its January 31st premiere date looming closer, the first promo video for "Do No Harm" has popped up on NBC, and of course we have it right here for you to check our. We're already fans of the show's lead, Steven Pasquale, from his "Rescue Me" days, so we'll be watching next month. What about you?

Holiday Greetings from the Cast of Grimm; David Giuntoli Shares a Christmas Memory

It's going to be a long cold winter while we wait for "Grimm" to return to NBC's airwaves on March 8, 2013, but here to warm you up a bit are some holiday greetings from the cast, especially star David Giuntoli, who shares a sweet Christmas story from his childhood.