New One-Sheet For NBC's Dracula Readies the Bite

NBC has released a new one-sheet for its upcoming series "Dracula," and we have a look at it for you right here. Check it out, and expect more on this one soon. Providing we're not busy hanging garlic up around our windows of course.

First Sneak Peek Video of Grimm Season 3 Has Arrived!

Hot on the heels of NBC providing us with a quick refresher course on "Grimm" Season 2, the network has now released the first sneak peek video for Season 3, which premieres on Friday, October 25th.

Take a Bite from Our Image Gallery of the Characters in NBC's Dracula

NBC has released a gallery's worth of photos of the main characters in its upcoming new series "Dracula," and we have them all for you right here. Just like the passengers on Noah's Ark, they come in pairs.

Get a Quick Refresher Course in Grimm Season 2 from this Recap Video

"Grimm" returns for its third season on October 25th, back on Friday night where it belongs, but in case you've forgotten a few of the Season 2 details, NBC has released a pretty cool recap video, which of course you can watch right here.

Indulge in this Tasty Trailer for Hannibal: Season One on Blu-ray and DVD

During this year's San Diego Comic-Con, home video details were released for Hannibal: Season One, which is heading our way on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download on September 24th, and today we have a trailer to share.

A New Series Outbreak at NBC

Back in the mid-Nineties a book called The Hot Zone by author Richard Preston scared the hell out of the world as it introduced the effects of the Ebola virus in shocking detail. A while afterwards a movie called Outbreak, though not an adaptation, tried to bring some of that intensity to the screen.

Will Graham Facing the Death Penalty in Hannibal Season Two?

Back in July, Season One of NBC's incredible show "Hannibal" left us all hanging on the proverbial cliff, wondering what the fate of FBI investigator Will Graham, who found himself accused of murder, would be.

NBC Developing a Dark Reimagining of Oz with Emerald City

With its 75th anniversary approaching, The Wizard of Oz is hotter than ever! There are four TV adaptations in the works, including this latest one that was just announced from NBC and "Siberia" creator/showrunner Matthew Arnold, entitled "Emerald City."

Grimm Garners a Former Vampire Slayer Watcher

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" alum Alexis Denisof has booked an arc on another genre show, NBC’s supernatural crime drama "Grimm," and we have all the details on just what he'll be doing right here for ya! Dig it!

It's Getting Cold in Siberia! Preview of Ep. 1.07 - First Snow and Images from Eps. 1.07 & 1.08 - A Gathering Fog

Time for a sneak peek of what's ahead in our guilty pleasure "Siberia" as we have a preview of Ep. 1.07, "First Snow," along with stills from it and Ep. 1.08, "A Gathering Fog."

A Poster Is Reborn for NBC's Dracula; New Still Released

Some updated artwork has arrived for NBC's upcoming reimagining of "Dracula" along with a bloody new promotional photo. Will you be tuning in this October when a legend is reborn?

New Threats Arrive in this Sneak Peek of Siberia Ep. 1.06 - Out of the Frying Pan; Synopses for Eps. 1.07 and 1.08

Its ratings aren't good (most people I know haven't even heard of it), but "Siberia" is a guilty pleasure for a few DC staffers; if you're "one of us," check out some stills and videos from Ep. 1.06, "Out of the Frying Pan."

New Hannibal Video Reminds Us of The Price of Imagination

Here it is another Thursday, and if you're missing your weekly fix of "Hannibal" as much as we are, you'll be happy to hear NBC has released a new video that contains some "graphic, violent imagery" from the show. Just what the doctor ordered!

#SDCC 2013 Exclusive Video: Executive Producer Daniel Knauf Gives Us the Lowdown on NBC's New Dracula Series and More

While at Comic-Con, Dread Central had the opportunity to chat exclusively with Daniel Knauf about his upcoming NBC series “Dracula,” which he’s overseeing as Executive Producer.

#SDCC 2013: Here Are 13 Things You Need to Know about Grimm Season 3

Hands down the most crowded press room we visited at Comic-Con belonged to NBC's "Grimm" so we didn't get to chat with everyone, but we did bring back a list of the Top 13 things we learned about Season 3.