A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Dracula Premiere and a Hint of What's Coming in A Whiff of Sulfur

Early reviews are mixed for NBC's "Dracula" (we DVR'd it so can't chime in yet), but if you're sucked in so far, here's a look at what's ahead in Episode 1.02, "A Whiff of Sulfur," plus synopses of Episodes 1.03, "Goblin Merchant Men," and 1.04, "From Darkness to Light."

Cure Your PTZD by Taking a Look Ahead at Grimm Season 3

NBC hasn't released any photos from the upcoming "Grimm" Episode 3.02, "PTZD," but we have a preview that provides a look at what's ahead in Season 3 along with synopses of Episodes 3.03, "A Dish Best Served Cold" and 3.04, "One Night Stand." Just beware of spoilers!

Latest Dracula Teaser Reminds Us True Love Never Dies

With "Dracula" set to premiere tonight on NBC, the network is pulling out all the stops to make sure you don't forget about it. Next up is another teaser trailer that reminds us "True Love Never Dies"!

Dance with the Dammerzustand in Part 4 of Grimm Web Series - Meltdown

With Season 3 of "Grimm" set to kick off TONIGHT, the finale of the show's web series tie-in "Meltdown" is here. Watch as Hank arrives to rescue Bud and Sergeant Wu, but the trio get more than they bargained for.

Part 5 of Dracula Origin Story 'Dracula Rising' Sets Him on a Path to Revenge

With NBC's "Dracula" set to premiere TONIGHT, Part 5 of his origin story, "Dracula Rising," is now live. The Order finally takes decisive action against Vlad Tepes, setting him on the path to revenge we'll see him travel on the show. Check it out along with all the previous installments.

Get to Know Dracula: The Character from NBC's New Miniseries

Ready to learn a bit more about the title character in NBC's upcoming "Dracula" miniseries? Then read on to watch a new video interview (yes, another one!) with star Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

NBC Finally Releases a Bloody Good Mash-Up Promo for Grimm and Dracula

We're pretty excited about this coming Friday night on NBC. Not only is "Grimm" returning for its third season, but "Dracula" begins a ten-week run that promises lots of bloody good fun. Check out the new promo for both shows.

Part 4 of Dracula Origin Story 'Dracula Rising' Now Live!

Have you been following along with "Dracula Rising," the origin story of NBC's "Dracula"? Part 4 is now live; and we have it here along with all the previous installments in case you missed them. Check it out so you'll be ready for the premiere this Friday.

It Doesn't Get Better Than This Clip From Grimm Episode 3.01 - The Ungrateful Dead

This new clip from the Season 3 premiere of "Grimm" picks right up where the Season 2 finale left off with Nick nowhere to be seen as Hank and Wu rush to rescue Monroe, Juliette, and Rosalee from the zombie horde at the shipyard. Is it Friday yet?

NBC Wants to Seal the Deal for You to Watch the Premiere of Dracula

We're just a few short days away from the launch of NBC's new "Dracula" miniseries, and the network is ready to "Seal the Deal" for you to tune in to the premiere on Friday night.

Time for Another Chat with the Women of NBC's Grimm

Earlier this month we heard from the fascinating trio of females who inhabit the world of NBC's "Grimm," and now all three are back in another video that'll help you get to know these amazing women a little bit better.

Dracula Cast Members Introduce Their Characters in These New Video Interviews

NBC is really pulling out all the stops to promote its upcoming "Dracula" miniseries, and up next are some new video interviews with five of the primary cast members about their characters. Read on to learn more about Lucy, Mina, Harker, Van Helsing, and of course the Count himself.

It's Sargent Wu to the Rescue in Part 3 of Grimm Web Series - Meltdown

The "Grimm" web series "Meltdown" features lovable Eisbiber Bud (Danny Bruno) battling the undead, and today we bring you Part 3 of the series, entitled "Tight Squeeze," in which Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee) comes to Bud's rescue, but things don't go quite as planned.

Part 3 of Dracula Origin Story 'Dracula Rising' Now Live!

Part 3 of "Dracula Rising," the origin story of NBC's "Dracula," is now live; and we have it here along with Parts 1 and 2 in case you missed them. Check it out so you'll be ready for the premiere, which is just one short week away!

New Dracula Cast Photos Are Pretty as a Picture

NBC's "Dracula" miniseries premieres in just one more week, and today we have a pair of new cast photos to share. Be sure to tune in on October 25th for Episode 1.01, "The Blood Is the Life."